The child sleeps badly

The child sleeps badly

The healthy sleep is very important for all people, irrespective of age. Any sleep disorders result in fatigue, weakness, problems with health. Let's understand how to resolve an issue with the child's dream that all family members slept peacefully.

Sleep disorder — very frequent problem both at adults, and at children. But we will understand this article why your child sleeps badly — if the kid does not sleep, then parents cannot normally have a rest too. So, we will start.

Reasons and decision

Specific feature

I remember how all said to me around that in the first months my daughter continually will only eat and sleep. But actually everything appeared absolutely not so — she slept in the afternoon very little — all the time she needed to be engaged in studying the world around at me on hands, lying on a blanket and depending on the parties. And it in spite of the fact that guests to us came very seldom (1-2 persons) and we especially did not go anywhere. That is it especially had no excitement, and here did not sleep also all. In this case two options: either to reconcile, or to try to create the favorable conditions promoting a dream — for example walk — and it is useful for you, and the child will have a sleep either in the fresh air, or at home upon return.


It is a lot of people around, frequent campaigns on a visit, new sounds and impressions — all this can cause sleep disorders. It is necessary to try to limit these factors so far the child will not grow up.

Restless condition of mom

In life there are enough cares and stresses for mothers, especially during the postnatal period, and the child feels everything. Therefore try to have a rest, relax and try to support yourself in a quiet state.

The broken daily routine

Often parents prefer to go to bed late and to get up late. And so — time in family the child — needs to be established the correct schedule especially as it and the adult is useful, for much not to get up in the morning for work because laid down not in time. I here, for example, until the daughter grew up (woke up on night feeding and rose at 7-8 in the morning) in spite of the fact that the husband sat late went to bed together with the daughter at 21:00 (though not really there was a wish) — thus I more — got enough sleep less.

Something disturbs the child 

Loud sounds, gripes, teething, tummy pains, temperature, etc. can disturb him. If the reason in it is it is necessary just to endure it.


Here the decision simple — you feed well and in time.


Often it happens so that houses stuffy and hot — in such conditions both to the adult, and the child it is difficult to fall asleep. Try to air — for example carry away the kid to other room and open (or slightly open) a window. I that there was no draft and strongly did not inflate, did in the winter so — we with the daughter sat some time in the closed bedroom, and in the hall was aired, then closed a window, and opened a door to the bedroom.

Lack of calcium

It leads to a sleep disorder (it is usually observed during active growth).

Vitamin D surplus

It results in nervousness.

Summing up the results it would be desirable to tell what the reasons can be much — it is necessary to understand just quietly a situation and to solve it, the child is quiet — parents are quiet (and vice versa). Therefore support the warm and friendly atmosphere in family, in time have a rest, love each other and everything will be good! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team