The child sleeps with the slightly opened eyes: norm or deviation

The child sleeps with the slightly opened eyes: norm or deviation

Very often young parents face the phenomenon when their kid sleeps with the slightly opened eyes. It looks quite unusually, and in certain cases can give troubles and experiences to parents of the baby.

In most cases there is nothing terrible that the child sleeps with half-open eyes, this phenomenon quite explainably normal regularities of a dream and specifics of children's development.

Why children sleep with open eyes

The situation when the newborn sleeps with open eyes, has the name lagoftalm (not being any sleep disorder at the child). Experts of pediatrics explain this phenomenon with the fact that a large number of time the child is in a stage of an active dream, during this period of an eye-socket can make any movements (to be rolled up), and eyelids at the same time - to be slightly opened a little. There is nothing terrible in it, but if it very much disturbs parents, it is possible accurately to try to cover eyelids, trying not to wake at the same time the baby.

The baby ceases to sleep with a little open gases after achievement of 12-18 months by him. At children of a little advanced age, this phenomenon can have periodic character and be caused by emotional overexcitation of the child in the afternoon day. Cells of a brain rather strongly overtire and as result, the phenomenon of an incomplete smykaniye is observed a century. In such cases the dream, besides slightly slightly opened eyes, is followed also by other signs of concern: sudden vskrikivaniye or twitching of extremities. If after achievement of one and a half years by the child he continues to sleep with the slightly opened eyes regularly, the reasons, perhaps, should be looked for at narrower experts. Presence of a physiological underdevelopment of a century or any neurologic violations is possible.

Somnabulizm at the child

Also, during sleep the child the somnabulizm can be the cause of the slightly opened eyes. The age of six years is considered an age threshold of the beginning of development of this disease. The condition of a sleep-walking can be on duration from several minutes to an hour, and sometimes and much longer. Treat this phenomenon in those cases if it is caused by consequences of any certain disease or incidents. Usually to patients with such disease recommend to pass an elektroentsefolograma and also doppler sonography of vessels of a brain. Without fail it is necessary to be examined also by the oculist who will conduct an eyeball bottom research. This phenomenon has no genetic predisposition and is provoked only by certain external irritants. Very often the somnabulizm passes with age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team