The closed child: what to do to parents?

The closed child: what to do to parents?

Each child is individual. Someone is open in communication, and someone avoids all contacts with others. The closed child is always noticeable: at the playground he will always be away from the general children's fun, and to go to play arrangements of parents with other kids will not have positive results. Parents should understand the reason of similar behavior and also to assist in social adaptation of the child.

When parents see that the child avoids communication, I begin to look for guilty of myself. But often happens so that to three-year age he sees friends only acting through parents and relatives, and all necessary for games is at home. Therefore he also does not feel the need for communication with peers.

Reasons of isolation of children

Each child needs to be able to communicate. The contact with other kids allows it to learn to express the emotions, to find a way out of conflict situations, to develop communicative skills.

Already to five-year age the interest of the kid in other children increases. It begins to play with them, to communicate. But if the child continues to remain unsociable, then it is necessary to look for the reasons of similar behavior.

It is possible to carry to such reasons:

  • Feature of character of the kid. He can be closed and constraining by the nature. If parents manage to impart to him more trust to the world around, then quite self-assured person can grow up from constraining and shy.
  • Wrong tactics of education. In families where it is accepted to hide the experiences and to keep thoughts around, the child grows up closed. It is very important that the child paid more attention to communication and joint games with peers.
  • Negative experience of communication. Some children, having faced offenders among age-mates once, prefer a privacy. Most often similar occurs if the kid communicated with children, more senior on age. And happens and vice versa – at communication with children of younger age the child feels boredom.

What to do to parents?

It is necessary to invite as often as possible on a visit other children. It is necessary to conduct confidential conversations with the child and also to show interest in its affairs. It is recommended to pay attention even to the most insignificant situations which for the child can play a huge role.

It is possible to write down the child in some circle where he will constantly be in society of peers. In cases when the kid does not visit preschool institution, it is recommended to walk more often at playgrounds, that is to visit places where there is a big congestion of small children.

To develop a circle of contacts for the kid very important, you should not limit only to his society of the family. That the child grew up socially adapted person with steady mentality, he needs to be able to contact to others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team