The correct dream - guarantee of health and successful development

The correct dream - guarantee of health and successful development

The dream restores forces and helps to acquire information obtained during wakefulness. Scientists proved: the correct dream strengthens health, increases physical and intellectual activity of the child. It is necessary to know what it, the correct dream.

Advantage of a dream

Though dream duration is also considered a key indicator, in practice it strongly changes. The reason is not only at the age of the child.

Of course, newborns sleep much more school students. However duration of a dream depends on stages of mental development of the child: on some there is an absorption of information on the world and the need for a dream decreases. On others there is its assimilation – and duration of a dream increases. A school break is tied to these periods. Therefore if your child on vacation sleeps on one or one and a half hours more usual, it is normal.

The sleep quality is strongly affected by its first 30–40 minutes, irrespective of age. Frequent mistake of young mothers: to wait until the child falls asleep, to wait for minutes 20 and to try to shift the kid in a bed. Here he also opens eyes with a mute question on a face.

The silence is important for children in the first half an hour of a dream around. A noise isolation in houses of the Soviet construction, especially panel, unimportant. And the closed door to the room with the TV for the correct dream is not enough.

Most important weather in the house

Both weather, and microclimate, and the emotional sphere - everything matters. Drafts, a heat or cold in the bedroom – faithful companions of a bad dream and diseases. Optimum temperature in the bedroom +18 … +19 degrees. At a temperature below +17 degrees the body makes efforts for heating; if in the bedroom is warmer +22, the organism is forced to be cooled constantly and the normal dream does not come. The dream is improved: moderately soft bed, low pillow and easy blanket. Active games, work at the computer and lessons should be finished in 2 hours prior to a dream. The interval between a dinner and a dream has to be more than 2 hours. The remained time can be devoted to monotonous classes, smooth communication, experiences not only prevent to fall asleep. The dream consists of several phases. It is necessary to pay attention to phases of a REM and slow sleep. The last – peculiar "digestion" of information, and the first – assimilation, accumulation of life experience. Thinking repeats important of apprehended in a day in the form of images, compares. There are children's conclusions influencing decades already of adulthood at the level of subconsciousness. And experiences before going to bed strongly change both images, and the subsequent conclusions. Told to a large extent concerns night sleep. At day there is a number of features. So, some children do not perceive an after-dinner dream at all. At such children other temperament, the need for a dream it is lowered that is absolutely normal. Attempts to force them to have a nap after dinner will cause absolutely return reaction.

Rules of a dream

It is necessary to watch temperature in the bedroom, to air the room before going to bed. At any age it is necessary to avoid before going to bed active games and overeating for the night. It is also important to keep quiet the first 30–40 minutes of falling asleep of the child. Following simple recommendations, it is possible to help the child to get enough sleep perfectly and to develop quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team