The curing parent's hands

The curing parent's hands

Parents want to see the child healthy and developed. From infantile age of the child of mom with fathers dream that the kid started talking rather, began to sit, creep, go. Consult at pediatricians: whether the weight, growth meets standards and that the kid in any given month of life learned to do. Such care is indisputable, but what parents of the kid need to be guided by? What daily actions and procedures can be offered the baby? Touch force will help! What contact will be come with the little person through touches, and his further stages of development will be it. Tender mother's and reliable father's hands, give a support to the kid in the childhood, lasting effect of tranquility and confidence in life. Not without reason psychologists of the whole world recommend to embrace the son or the daughter as often as possible. But except pleasant "hugs", there are touches purposeful, medical. Here that also parents need to master their, and they are called one general word – massage.

Mother's hands wonderful

Having been born, the baby learns the world around through touch. From a set of the hands touching it, mother's hands he learns unmistakably. The child keeps touches of mom in mind. Not without reason there are a lot of verses and songs it is put about mother's hands. For the baby these hands work wonders – they make him happy. When the kid is excited – calm soft strokings and will encourage easy pats. And if the child was unwell, then will surely cure the care and love as soon as possible. Therefore it is so important that parents carried out to the child massage.

To become the leading expert

Now healthy children is born less. Massage as the effective improving procedure which is not burdened by almost any harmful effects becomes more popular. Of course, if pathology is found in the baby, then it is necessary to involve the qualified specialist to holding sessions of massage. It is necessary to undergo massage by courses, according to doctor's instructions. Well, and if in the kid it is not revealed particular problems, then parents can become for the child an expert "number one". It is necessary to study from strokings. To begin it is simple to iron the kid, at the same time to talk to him, focusing that his attention. This useful procedure will become pleasure for both parties.    

Advantage of massage

Massage gives to the little person development, does strong his body, helps to gain the necessary weight, strengthens immunity. Informs through a blood-groove of oxygen and nutrients to a brain, all internals. And a lot more useful properties it in itself(himself) carries, all and not to list! If parents learn to carry out "medical touches", (certainly, the first sessions under control of the expert), then they will provide to the kid a powerful stronghold of good health and will present "ticket" in the happy life full of bright paints!

Examples from life

There are two babies absolutely healthy. But one all day lies in a bed moreover is on hands at the family, and with the second – are engaged, do massage, gymnastics. And here they are two remains, under identical conditions, positions, but with different approaches, behave and feel. And characteristic sign of changes another will have faster development of one and steadily moderate. The kid receiving massage moreover from favourite hands will begin to focus a look earlier, to smile, its physical activity becomes more progressive. It strengthens a muscular corset, there are strong handles, legs, it begins to take toys earlier, to make a start and creep. It is simple to present the adult lying long what happens to his muscles? And what to the baby?

Main reception

If parents are afraid to carry out methods of grinding and a razminaniye, then (as it was already told), it is necessary to begin with strokings. For the baby bigger it is also not necessary, and gradually parents will master not such difficult receptions with the expert. To attach gymnastics. Very softly to deploy handles and legs, up, down, in the parties, circular motions. Not to cross the handle on a breast, the child absolutely the baby so far.

Stroking plays the main role in the procedure of massage and brings invaluable benefit to the son or the daughter. Many mummies sharply have an applying problem to a breast. It is necessary to learn soft touches to the child's face, to remove stress. It is simple to see how sosatelny function of the kid will soon return to normal. Light massage of a face removes stress caused by feeding. This manipulation helps both at a teething and at bad mood. At first it is necessary to prepare the child. To softly put palms on a nose bridge. The thumbs cramped together, softly to take away on cheeks. The movement reminds stroking of the page of the book. Then slightly thumbs to press malar joints sideways. To finish manipulation with stroking of a head of the kid. Stroking stimulates activity of an organism and prepares it for medical procedures. It begins and finishes massage.

Gripes are removed easily

Mom will be able to carry out the invaluable and necessary help, removing gripes and congestions of gases in intestines, the simple procedure of massage. Some children awfully shout and suffer from these gripes, and at relatives time of nervoz and sleepless nights begins. Stroking of a tummy, but not once a day as many got used to do, and every time, changing a diaper or a diaper will become an exit from current situation. Softly and gently massing a tummy clockwise, to slightly press an umbilical ring and to make the "rowing" movements from top to a bottom of a stomach and from sides to a bottom. Not to forget, at the same time to do exercise "bicycle" legs. Children cease to cry after this action. Work of intestines returns to normal. To parents - to cover recommendations itself with an oilcloth in advance, simplification will not keep itself waiting long.

Communication healing

Parents should not refuse such fine method of communication with the child as the massage executed by mom or dad establishes strong power connection for the rest of life. Even after many years the child will remember touches of parental hands, feeling subconsciously protected.   

Invaluable service

It is recommended to master massage to parents as soon as possible. And let this necessary and useful skill will bring many positive emotions and results for the benefit to the kid!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team