The decrease in immunity reasons at the child

The decrease in immunity reasons at the child

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The problem of incidence of children of early age is always relevant. In the modern world they are influenced by a set of factors which lead to decrease in immunity.

If the child is ill ORZ on average by 10 times a year without any purulent complications, it does not mean that it has problems with immunity. Medicines for regulation and support of the immune system are necessary only for those children who have a proved immunodeficiency. And it happens extremely seldom.

Huge first-aid kit of the house

How often occurs if the child gets sick, he is given at once huge amount of medicines, including immunomodulators and antiviral medicines. Thereby parents prevent to create to the child the adequate immune response to infectious defeat. At abuse of such treatment, the immune system of the child is not capable to answer an infection normally. At the next meeting with a virus the child gets sick again.

Early sending to kindergarten, school

One of the most frequent problems of the working parents. If the child got sick, he for three days is left at home. There he "temperaturit", has cold, inflammation in a throat. And as soon as temperature decreases, it is sent to kindergarten or to school next day.

High values of temperature usually decrease for the third day of a disease of cold. At this moment the protective system of an organism is exhausted, it spent all the resources and forces for fight against an infection. But it is sent immediately for contact with people, and there literally by several interactions with other children, and the child comes with snivels, a sore throat and a sore stomach again.

In this case the fault completely lies with parents, they did not allow the child to be restored after a disease. What needs to be done? After several days spent at home behind treatment of cold let's immunity be restored. Allow the child to have a rest 3-4 more days after full, in your opinion, recovery.

It is necessary to adjust mode of food, walks, not to allow it to contact to a large number of people. And then at the next meeting with a disease the immunity will be able to organize the full answer.

Lack of physical activity

Such problems it is relevant for children of more advanced age, for elementary school. Such children practically do not walk on the street. They go at most from school to the house or from a circle to a circle. Go to a circle of chess, into English, to mathematics, but do not know that it to run and be tightened. That is they almost have no physical activity.

Such children very often are ill. Give to the child time for walks on the street, for maintenance of health he has to walk not less than one hour a day. Also a lot of time is spent behind gadgets. There are developed standards for that how many the child can be in front of the screen. It is no more than 20 minutes, after that he has to have a rest about the same.

So, before running to the pediatrician and to ask any medicines for immunity, check several things. Does it have an adjusted regimen of day, food? Whether he receives all necessary vitamins? Does he have rather adequate physical activity? Think of it and be engaged in health of your kid!

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