The developing books the hands: it is useful for children, it is interesting to parents

The developing books the hands: it is useful for children, it is interesting to parents

Parents seek to give to the children the best, many even independently sew toys and create the unique developing books. For the books made with own hands expensive materials and special skills usually are not required. It is only necessary to be accurate and consecutive in actions for creation of the book.

How to make the book of paper

First of all it is necessary to stock up with consumables. Bright pictures which can be cut out from the available old magazines and advertizing leaflets will be necessary for similar model of the book. If there is an opportunity, then it is recommended to unpack the pleasant illustrations from the Internet on the color printer.

In cases when the child is able to paint accurately black-and-white images, it is possible then to make them pages of the created book. Besides from them amusing appliques which are capable to expand functions of the book considerably will turn out. It is caused by the fact that the child will be able to learn and perfect skills of coloring or creation of appliques.

Sheets of paper can be fastened with the stapler or to create from them "accordion". It is recommended to laminate a product cover to prevent formation of spots and to ensure safety for more long time. As for subject of books, it is better if each of them has one concrete direction. For example, it is possible to aggregate images of birds or animals. It is necessary to show to the kid both adult individuals, and their cubs.

How to choose a format of the book and its subject

It is necessary to decide on the informative and educational purposes which are planned to be reached at classes with the child. Teachers recommend to complement pictures with the questions specifying comments and practical plays of the developing character. It is also possible to pick up interesting verses, stories, riddles which will help children of younger age to understand and learn the world around better. Books homemade products from fabric will be suitable for absolutely small children. Toys for kids should not have acute angles. Usually pictures in such books are executed in technology of applique, and pages are added with filler or a soft layer. As the last it is possible to take small balls which will help to develop motility of hands. In the book it is possible to place various lacings and velcros that the child got an idea of similar devices. Needlewomen also attach peculiar sorters to the book. They represent pockets in which the child at the request of parents has to put, for example, all pictures with vegetables or small squares of a certain color. Children of advanced age are recommended to offer logical chains as "Remove Superfluous".

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