The developing games for kids up to one year

The developing games for kids up to one year

Within the first year of life of the kid it is necessary to select very simple games which will contribute to his development. At this time at the child his brain develops especially quickly therefore any skills and information are easily acquired. Even not really long, but daily classes with the kid will promote noticeable results.

With children till 1 year it is possible to distinguish from the most widespread games "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake", Ku-ku: close your eyes palms, saying along with it "ku-ka" or "Pat-a-cake pat-a-cake where were? - At the grandmother!". Put the kid to yourself on knees. Lift and lower them up, sentencing "On hummocks, on hummocks, on small paths. In a pole - boom!". Slightly move apart knees on the last words that the child failed a little. It is possible to play with him to the sound of music.

The child about one year very much likes to press various buttons and to move levers as it helps it to learn to involve the muscles and also to cope with new things. But better hide far away the remote controller from the TV and give to the kid of a toy with various handles and buttons which can be moved and pressed.

The child surely will like toys which can be collected from several parts, for example, of the train with cars and pyramids. Also children like to pull out toys from a box and to put back. It helps with development of motor functions. Try to give to the kid a rubber ball or a toy for hoofing by legs. A similar game will contribute to the development of muscles of legs and improvement of their coordination. The kid needs to show more often photos that he could remember familiar objects and animals and also to allow it to turn independently pages of albums and books. Simple questions will teach the child to perceive better the speech and will develop his memory. Show him a subject and ask a question: "What is it?". Ask questions of things familiar to the child or animals, for example, "As the doggie barks?". Even if the child will not be able to tell a phrase completely, he will surely try to simulate that he heard. Small children very much like to throw various objects on a floor. For this purpose give to the kid cubes, wooden spoons, soft toys, rubber squeakers, etc. At the same time at the kid fine motor skills, informative abilities, sight, hearing develop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team