The developing games: hare

The developing games: hare

The developing games and toys superfluous do not happen. The advantage of them is undoubted, and it is possible to do them of various materials. A hare at whom pads and the head buckle up to a trunk it is very easy to connect or sew from dense fabric. It is the best of all to knit similar toys a hook, and yarn can be used various, even the multi-colored remains will approach.

It is required to you

  • - residues of yarn;
  • - hook on yarn thickness;
  • - buttons;
  • - threads for embroidery;
  • - needle.


1. Begin to knit a toy from the largest detail, that is from a trunk. On it there will be no openings. It represents an oval with the sewed buttons. For a start connect a chain of air loops. Its length depends on the sizes of future hare. For example, 10-15 loops. Do not sphere a chain. At the beginning of the first row make couple of loops on rise and knit a row columns without nakid. Dovyazav to the first loop of a chain, knit in 1 loop 3. The second row knit on other side of a chain that the long oval turned out. Knit around further, evenly increasing quantity of loops. The order of addition can be a miscellaneous, but the oval has to turn out flat. Having knit thus 10-12 loops, tear off thread, tighten knot and hide a tip between columns.

2. Pads and ears match approximately as well as a trunk, only air loops in an initial chain have to be approximately one third less. However, if details turn out too large, nothing terrible will occur. Just you will create an own image of a hare. Your creation anyway will please the kid so act safely. Decide where ears will have a bottom. From this party it is necessary to make eyelets. The way of their registration is not difficult: in the same row over group of columns you provyazyvat the same quantity of air loops, in the following – in the turned-out arch you knit the necessary quantity of columns. In the same way loops become also on paws.

3. The head of such hare – just a circle with one loop on a chin. Begin to knit this detail from the chain of 4-5 air loops closed in a ring. Just as ovals, a circle has to remain flat. It means that through certain intervals it is necessary to add loops. Loops a hook add so: in a column of the previous row becomes attached two or three, depending on the detail sizes. Make an eyelet just as on ears and pads. You needed to embroider a muzzle – eyes, a nose, a mouth and round cheeks. By the way, cheeks can be made applique and to embroider on them mustache.

4. You needed only to bring together your hare. Sew on a trunk of 5 buttons: on 2 for back and forepaws and 1 for the head. It is better if buttons are identical. And here on the head, there, where there will be ears, it is possible to sew buttons less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team