The first birthday: scenario of a holiday

The first birthday: scenario of a holiday

It seems, only yesterday the kid was brought from maternity hospital, and already there passed the whole year. It is time to think how to celebrate the first in life birthday that it was pleasant to both the hero of the occasion, and guests. The birthday boy only seems the silly little chap, but he already understands something so he can quite participate in some games. Also it is impossible to forget that he is a hero of the occasion.

What to prepare?

You for certain have much of what is necessary for the organization of a children's holiday. Are necessary to you: - vishchdeokamer;

- video projector; - camera;

- computer with the graphic and video editor; - printer; - paper; - cards for invitation cards; - objects for laying of a children's and adult table;

- gifts for the birthday boy; - souvenirs for guests.

We prepare invitations

Think of the one whom you would like to invite to birthday. It is possible to gather adults and children, but it is possible and to divide a celebration for two days. For example, to bring together at first all relatives, and for the second day to organize a celebration for kids. If you to invite all at the same time, think what group in what will be engaged. Make invitation cards. The text can be very plain. Just write whom you invite in what case and in what time. It is possible to find ready cards in sale, you will need only to enter names and date. During the holiday it is possible and to tell fortunes. For example, to try to learn whom will be a birthday boy when grows. Prepare several objects and put them in a sack. It is possible to take the machine, a ball of threads, the book, a ring, the hammer, a set of pencils, etc. The right to pull out a subject is granted to the kid.

If there is a color printer, it is possible to make invitations in the graphic editor famous to you and to unpack. It is possible to send tickets by mail or to hand personally.

Movie star or model?

For certain you already many times photographed the child. Pick up the best shots, make the slide movie which can be shown to guests during the holiday. It will be very good to be watched also the movie with participation of the birthday boy. Mount it in advance, make the suitable text, impose music.

Competitions for adults

Think over games and competitions. It can be, for example, a quiz, how well your guests know the birthday boy. It is possible to ask about when the child what eyes at it, as call his mom, dad, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins and sisters that he likes to eat what toy most of all is pleasant to it, etc. was born. For winners prepare souvenirs. It can be magnetics on the fridge with a portrait of the birthday boy, a medal from cardboard and even just candies. Prepare sheets of paper and pencils. On each leaf write names of parts of a body. Let guests will try to define on whom the birthday boy is more similar – to mom or to dad. Make the program. For example, right at the beginning it is possible to watch the slide movie, then to sit a little at a table, to hold quizes and competitions, and to finish a celebration with the video. But the order can be also another.

Do not forget to count results. The system is simple. Opposite to each name the participant puts some badge in the column "dad" or "mom". Results are summarized.

Young guests – special care

If you spend a children's holiday, think over, than guests of your birthday boy will be engaged. A lot of things depend on age. Among guests there can be both six-month-old kids, and children of preschool and even school age. Think up several games. It is possible to begin a holiday with traditional "Loaf". Then the treat follows (by the way, do not forget to take an interest in advance whether somebody has allergy to certain products). Beat gifts. Develop each toy, show to guests, tell how play with it. The first let the birthday boy, and then and other children will play. It is possible to unite a game the general plot if among guests there are rather big children.

Whether to invite the animator?

It is very good if someone from guests has actor's abilities. Then to kids it is possible to invite the favourite fantastic hero – Matroskin, Dunno, the Hare, Chanterelle, Buratino. For kids is more senior it is possible to organize a fantastic quiz, with kids – to move round dances. It is possible to invite also the professional animator. Only do not forget to tell him age of participants. In spite of the fact that the birthday boy is still very young and easily distracts, some moments can keep his attention. It will be for certain interesting to look from a window at fireworks or the balloon which will be started by dad or the grandfather to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team