The first signs at pregnancy on early term

The first signs at pregnancy on early term

Waiting for long-awaited pregnancy many try to find at themselves its signs on the earliest terms. Let's consider them, but you should not be fond, better to worry, not to be nervous it is less and if you see long-awaited 2 strips to address the gynecologist.

Signs of pregnancy interest many girls and women, especially those who dream of the child, and treasured two strips do not appear. Of course, all different, and at someone are shown all signs, and at someone any. Also It should be noted that the list considered below can confirm any diseases or banal overfatigue.

Therefore unambiguously to tell whether you are pregnant, the gynecologist and the ultrasonographer will be able.

1) Delay of menstruation.

It usually suggests an idea of the occurred pregnancy. But also can speak about hormonal failure, inflammation or a disease. Therefore if the test did not show two strips — run to the doctor.

2) The small bleeding connected with implantation of an embryo in a uterus. Very often confuse with monthly, but the main thing that it was not the bleeding connected with serious problems.

3) Drowsiness, fatigue, a headache, nervousness and apathy — all this can be observed because in the pregnant woman's organism on early term there is a hormonal explosion. Though these signs can speak only about a stress and a depression.

4) Nausea — is symptom of early toxicosis of pregnant women. Though can be just poisoning.

5) The thirst for some products and the increased appetite — not at all, but nevertheless often meets. The selectivity in products can be as unreasonable, and to confirm a lack of some substances — therefore the organism compensates it by consumption of a certain food.

6) Darkening of skin around nipples.

7) Frequent urination — usually begins to be shown not on early terms, and a bit later — through one and a half — two months also last all pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team