The first strong indications of pregnancy

The first strong indications of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a pleasant news for which each woman planning this event in the life waits. Someone manages to become pregnant at once, and someone expects this news long time. At emergence of strong indications, namely - absence monthly, usually the first action is a visit of pharmacy behind the test. But there are also other ways to learn whether this assumption is truthful.

Emergence of the first signs of pregnancy

At the become pregnant woman the change of mood, irritability, tearfulness, almost without cause is observed. She is tired quicker, the working capacity decreases, constantly there is a wish to sleep. A time of the woman do not attach it significance because such manifestations can be also during a nerve strain.Lack of periods. This sign can be a key indicator, but, nevertheless, it needs to be checked because the lack of periods can be a symptom of a disease amenorey.

The woman has an indisposition, body temperature sometimes increases, muscle pain is felt. The breast becomes more sensitive, the aura around nipples becomes more dark than the usual color.

There are nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, pricking which happens because of inflow of a large amount of blood to a uterus.

Arterial blood pressure can decrease, the woman ails, weakness. In this regard, the state it periodically worsens, faints are possible.

The most known sign is nausea, vomiting, big salivation. There is such sign usually in three weeks after fertilization, but can be shown earlier. Pungent smells begin to irritate the woman, and the excessive fastidiousness appears. Because of it the appetite vanishes and flavoring preferences change.

Blood during this period actively flows to bodies of a small pelvis therefore at the woman urinations become more frequent. Because of a hormonal imbalance, salts are worse removed from an organism, accumulating in an organism, they lead to appearance of hypostases.

Vaginal lubricant becomes more viscous and it becomes more. These changes can lead to appearance of the milkwoman.

Well and, of course, except all this symptomatology the gynecologist can finally confirm pregnancy existence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team