The first time in kindergarten

The first time in kindergarten

As the kid grows up, parents begin to train him for visit of a garden.

Time of the beginning of "adulthood" is individual in each separate case, but most often it occurs at the age of 2–3 years. Usually by this time the child starts walking surely and to talk, and a holiday on care for the baby comes to an end and mom was already tired to stay at home constantly, dreams to come to work again and to begin to make the contribution to the family budget. 

Sometimes happens that grandmothers show willingness to sit with the child prior to the beginning of the school period. But we assure you that it is not the best exit: the "house" child has weak skills of socialization, often grows closed and constraining that can prevent strongly him further at receipt in school. Those children who came to a class from kindergarten behave much more freely: they are active at lessons, are not afraid to answer at a board enter into the relations with peers easier. Therefore a garden – extremely important step in life of the little person.

Preparation for it needs to be begun in 2-3 months prior to visits with change of a day regimen. The child has to get used to need to get up in the morning and to lay down in the evening in strictly certain time without whims and tears. He has to eat too in time, teach him to cope independently with a spoon and a mug – a direct duty of adult family members.

Special subject – pampers. Facilitating life the adult, they sometimes create very serious problems for the kid. Even you should not "pack" absolutely small children constantly into this widely advertized means, and by 1.5 - 2 the child has to wean gradually completely from it and begin use regularly a pot. Without firm assimilation of this major hygienic skill its stay in a garden will be very difficult. 

At a possibility of the choice of a garden stop on about what there are good reviews of relatives and acquaintances even if such establishment is slightly further, than a garden round the corner.

It is better if someone brings the child there whom it is easier for kid to leave, than mom: it will help to avoid whims and hysterics from its party and to mom will be so quieter. But anyway within the first 2-3 months it has to have "the sparing schedule": it is psychologically difficult for kid to remain at once with foreign people for all day therefore first it is necessary to take away it from a garden a bit earlier. If mom has no opportunity earlier to come from work, try to agree with relatives – perhaps, someone will be able to help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team