The list of affairs which the husband needs to make, you in maternity hospital so far

The list of affairs which the husband needs to make, you in maternity hospital so far

Childbirth - the crucial, serious moment of your life. During them support and the help of the father of future child is necessary for each woman. All men different, are very economic husbands, and there are those which do not know even where their socks lie. But it is necessary to prepare by the time of childbirth also those and other companions because even the most responsible husband suddenly can become puzzled and something to miss. Let's make the list of affairs which they have to make, we in maternity hospital so far in advance.

It is required to you

  • - handle
  • - sheet of paper


1. To buy in addition children's accessories, things, sanitary products - all that you did not manage to buy. Of course, it is better that at you already everything was ready by the time of as you will go to childbirth.

2. To lay a crib the bed linen washed, ironed on both sides. To lay a disposable diaper on a changing table, and on the standing bucket is near at once to put on a garbage bag.

3. It is obligatory to make clear-out: to vacuum, wash the floors, to wipe dust, to wash curtains, to remove carpets from the children's room.

4. If there is in the apartment an air humidifier/cleaner/ionizer, then let it will work couple of days. Several hours prior to a meeting you from maternity hospital to air the room.

5. To prepare something tasty and useful. That there was enough milk, mom needs to eat very well.

6. To sterilize children's accessories: nipples, small bottles, milk pump and other. To carefully wash a bath after shop.

7. If there is an opportunity, to take at work a vacation - the first month the most difficult, and the woman surely needs the help and support.

8. If there are pets, it is necessary to comb out them a special brush that wool dropped out less and flew in air.

9. Well, and a creative part remains to the discretion of men. In the enclosed video the idea of a surprise.

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