The menu for the child in one and a half years

The menu for the child in one and a half years

Food of the one-and-a-half-year-old child becomes more various, than food of the baby, however it does not mean at all that you have to feed the kid with what you eat.

It is required to you

  • - dairy products
  • - porridges
  • - soups
  • - meat and fish
  • - compotes and juice


1. In one and a half years your child begins not only to distinguish taste of food which you offer it, but also will divide dishes into those which are pleasant to it also those which are not pleasant. For this reason during this period of life you have to accustom the kid to consumption of various products and dishes. The main component of the daily menu of your child is a milk and dairy products. Yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese or sour cream concern them. The total amount of dairy products daily has to reach 700 ml. Remember that milk at first has to be boiled, and only after that you can offer it to the child.

2. In one and a half years the kid continues to eat various porridges. However it is worth feeding the kid with them for breakfast as any grain will be digested very long. if in the morning the child eats porridge, most likely, he will remain full till the lunch. Some kids refuse porridges after they learn that there are also more tasty dishes. If you got into such situation, offer the child not simple porridge, and add to it fruit, jam or fresh berries.

3. At lunchtime you have to feed the child with soup which volume will be 100 ml. The soups cooked about addition of bean cultures and grain are very useful. When you cook soup for the child, do not add to it onions, seasonings, tomato paste, various spices and the fried vegetables. Broth has to be cooked from meat without stones. If you cook fish soup, attentively trace that small fish stones did not get to a plate of the child.

4. Do not forget that for normal development and growth of your kid he needs to eat meat and fish. It is better to steam these products, without salt addition. Besides, in one and a half years you can safely feed the child with vegetables and fruit, and it is possible to give them not only in the boiled or baked look, but also crude. It is considered that at one-and-a-half-year-old age it is possible to begin to enter into a diet of the child of egg. However you remember that it is possible to give them once in two days, and no more than 1 piece.

5. In 1.5 years you continue to give to drink to the child compotes, fresh fruit drinks, juice, and several times a week can cook for him special children's cocoa. Closer by two years it is possible gradually to begin to enter into a diet of the kid some sweets, for example, marshmallows, a fruit candy, fruit jelly, not chocolate bars or a dairy iris. These products are given only after the main meal and in small amounts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team