The milkwoman at children: from what arises and as to struggle with her

The milkwoman at children: from what arises and as to struggle with her

The mucous membrane of a mouth contains a set of microorganisms, one of which – Candida albicans fungus. Its uncontrollable growth is constrained by presence of useful bacteria. At violations of balance of microflora in a mouth the milkwoman who is considered one of the most widespread diseases at children of chest age can develop.

Symptoms and causes of the milkwoman

At a disease of the milkwoman the child has a white raid on mucous membranes of a mouth: in the sky, language, inside of cheeks and gums. Around plaques the inflammation can be formed. If to remove a white raid, under them there can be a redness. The baby becomes whimsical and uneasy, at the same time quite often refuses a breast or a small bottle, sucking hurts him. In the absence of treatment the small white spots in a mouth expand over time, the cottage cheese raid appears.

The causes of the milkwoman the child can have a set. Infection of the kid from mother is possible during passing on patrimonial ways (if the pregnant woman had candidiasis). The children who were born with the weakened immunity or premature are also predisposed to this disease.

Appearance of the milkwoman quite often happens because of frequent vomiting of the child, the fungus prefers to live in acidic environment. In risk group there are children to whom treatment was appointed antibiotics. The milkwoman can appear at a teething.

Every time before feeding mom has to wash a breast with warm water with children's soap. If the child is on artificial feeding, it is necessary to sterilize nipples, dummies and small bottles.

In most cases the wrong or insufficient hygienic leaving is the cause of the milkwoman on a mucous membrane of a mouth at the child. Quite often infection occurs through mother's nipples, a dummy or objects which the kid pulls in a mouth.

How to struggle with the milkwoman?

If you do not treat the milkwoman, then she can extend on all oral cavity. Apply to treatment generally medicines of local action (creams or solutions) which part anti-fungal components are. The pediatrician has to make the conclusion and prescribe antifungal medicine, treatment by which it is usually carried out within 5-10 days. Quite often for this purpose use Candide solution. Apply several drops of means on a Q-tip or sterile bintik and wipe a mucous membrane of a mouth of the child 3 times a day.

After meal give to the baby several drinks of warm boiled water, so the remains of milk will be washed away, acidic environment which is very much loved by a fungus is neutralized.

Grease a mouth cover with weak solution of baking soda. Part a soda teaspoon in a glass of warm boiled water. Reel up a sterile gauze or bandage on a finger, moisten in soda solution and carefully process a mouth of the child. It is necessary to repeat this procedure each 2-3 hours. Mother's nipples (or the pacifier from a small bottle) and a dummy needs also to be processed this means.

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