The most cruel book about education of children

The most cruel book about education of children

The most cruel book about education of children – responses of most of readers on the book by Amy Chua "The fighting anthem by mother tigress" give such description. The book describes the Chinese method of education of children very different from modern western. So that for ordinary European and American readers it seems incredibly rigid and even cruel.

Amy Chua – known in China the female scientist, graduated law department of Harvard University majoring in "jurisprudence". Now teaches at Yale University and has an academic status of professor. The author of four books from which greatest popularity was received by the work "Fighting Anthem by Mother Tigress". The rigidity of the methods of education described in the book caused a wide public response. The book does not represent scientific work, it describes the Chinese model of education of children and also personal life experience of the author.

The described education methods

Modern European methods of education are based on constant praises of children irrespective of existence of reasons for it. In this sense the Chinese model of education is based that a praise it is necessary to deserve really. At the same time the criticism is considered more useful, and it never happens much.

The Chinese society expects really much from children. And first of all – implicit obedience and submission. It is considered that up to attainment of majority children should not know any independence and to be entirely in the power of parents. Mother and the father always know better what is good and that it is bad for their children. Business of the last – to listen and submit.

The joint celebration of children's birthdays – waste of time and money, as well as other entertainments which are not bringing practical benefits. The main objective of mother is to prepare the child for adulthood and the best way for this purpose is to load every day the child any useful affairs.

As a result of such methods of education the child does not even imagine that parents can be rude and even to contradict. The Chinese children deeply honor parents, help them and support until the end of life. Daily loading useful affairs gives magnificent progress in study – the Chinese children study much better than the peers from the western countries.

The Chinese model of education is not something new. It developed centuries and in the millennia and it is considered traditional for the Chinese society. Even the Chinese emigrants who left the homeland in search of the better life adhere to it.

Relation of the author of the book to education methods

Amy Chua is deeply sure that the Chinese educational system considerably surpasses western as since young years imparts the truth according to which only persistent work and will power help to achieve success in life. Especially it is characteristic of the emigrants coming to others country where nobody waits for them and there is nobody to help.

Amy's parents moved at the time to the USA in search of happiness and brought up four daughters on the Chinese sample, forcing children to work on themselves constantly. As a result – all daughters graduated from school with excellent estimates and graduated from the prestigious universities. Including younger, having a Down syndrome.

The only thing in what Amy went counter to will of parents – it went to study in Harvard whereas the father wanted it to come to Stanford. This offense at first upset Amy's parents, but after receiving doctor's degree by her was "forgiven".

The author also considers that the American way of life and education of children excessively izbalovyvat them. They are not able to work, are not able to achieve the objectives, lower hands at the slightest failure and do not use themselves for hundred percent. They cannot achieve success the same as cannot surpass itself also the opportunities.

Relation of the Chinese mothers to study

In China it is considered that children have to study only perfectly well. Without any reservations. Five with minus is already unsatisfactory assessment, and four – a shame! If the child cannot study as some five is a serious omission in his education. Only on physical education and the drama children are allowed to have assessment four. And that provided that in mathematics children will be the best in a class.

In case of the conflict between the child and the teacher the parents in all cases take the part of adults. So children learn not only to respect authority of adults, but also to adjust frictionless relationship with seniors on age and by situation.

Visit of additional circles and sections is not encouraged if they do not yield serious practical result in the future. It is considered that it is better for child to give all the time to study. If to attend extracurricular activties, then only in one subject and under a condition – that it will be the best there.

For example, Amy gave the daughters to study playing a violin and a piano. At the same time forced them to be engaged in the tool daily. Even during week-end, even on holidays, even in days of a disease and vacation. All these efforts – only for achievement of the highest result.

Other features of the Chinese education

Rigidity and cruelty in education of children – the benefit. The ability to be resistant and to resist to strokes of bad luck has to be developed in children since the birth. Quite so the Chinese mothers imagine the educational system.

Parents consider that in relation to the children a lot of things are allowed to them. To offend, humiliate the child, to threaten him or to blackmail him – all this is considered normal. It is much worse if mother suddenly ceases to press on children and will allow them not to achieve the maximum result.

Any act of disobedience and insubordination of children – serious omission in their education and a signal to that mother repeatedly strengthened control over them. In such situation it is the best of all for child to be given and follow parental instructions.


The Chinese parents consider that children until the end of life are in debt to them. Time spent on their education and education, efforts spent for care of them – all this forces the Chinese children to consider that they are in irredeemable debt to mother and the father. And this debt needs to be repaid by daily and hourly efforts, even when it is contrary to their private life.

In China children never throw sick and elderly parents. And until the end of life live with them, or take away them with themselves. Otherwise they are waited by an indelible shame.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team