The most necessary in the first days after maternity hospital

The most necessary in the first days after maternity hospital

Each mom wants to be prepared for the child's birth in advance. The list of things for the child is infinite, but in the first days of stay of the house it is not such and impressive.

Because your breast is not developed yet, and the kid eats very little, can develop laktostaz. It is stagnation of milk which can develop into mastitis. That it did not occur, get a milk pump. Still young mummy needs a bra for feeding and laying to it. Choose a bra one size more. After the delivery milk will begin to arrive and the breast will increase by pair of the sizes.

In a bed of the newborn pull sides, hang up a canopy, make a bed. Do not forget to spread an oilcloth. Also get a separate oilcloth that it was possible to put the baby on a sofa or a bed.

In advance prepare diapers for the kid. The maternity hospital gives them in a large number therefore take with yourself at least 15 pieces because at once it will be heavy to reconstruct to house conditions.

Buy a basin and the hill. Bathe the newborn with the special means for bathing acquired in pharmacy, every day, and with soap - 1-2 times a week are not more often. Prepare a towel of the convenient size that was always near at hand, the child it is necessary to wash away after each depletion.

The clothes for the baby have to be washed and ironed. Stock up with panties, baby's undershirts, caps, socks. Select clothes for a season!

Do not forget about a first-aid kit! Sterile cotton wool, gripes medicine, the exhaust cabin, Q-tips with the limiter, nipple cream, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, brilliant green, scissors with the rounded-off ends and so forth. It for the first days will be enough, but the list on it does not stop, unfortunately, our children quite often are ill.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team