The nootropic medicine "Gliatilin" for the child: instruction for application

The nootropic medicine "Gliatilin" for the child: instruction for application

Gliatilin is nootropic medicine from a number of neuroprotectors. Medicine a long time is applied in neurology. Active ingredient is it is well-cared alfostserat, auxiliary components — glycerin and purified water.

Instruction for use of medicine

The attending physician appoints Gliatilin at children's age at therapy of a craniocereberal trauma in the sharp period: consciousness violation, coma and signs of injury of a brain. Also there is use of nootoropny medicine for children given about positive result with a deficiency syndrome of attention, hyperactivity and at treatment of autism. To little patients is more senior than two years reception of Gliatilin in the form of capsules is appointed. And at earlier age — in the form of injections. However in clinical practice it is not recommended to use medicine for children is younger than two years as there are no these tests of safety of medicine.

Gliatilin restores thinking, imagination, memory and other functions of a brain at the child. It is worth to remember that medicine belongs to strong medicines, and it is impossible to apply independently it without consultation of the neuropathologist.

To instructions for application it is written that children can spend on drink capsules according to the standard scheme, as well as for adults. At emergence of side effects it is necessary to reduce a dosage. Most of neurologists recommend to apply on one capsule a day before meal. The capsule cannot be chewed and crushed. But small children cannot sometimes swallow the big capsule, then it is necessary to pour out its contents and to mix with water. The course of therapy makes of 3 months about half a year.

Characteristic of medicine

Gliatilin is contraindicated to patients with individual hypersensibility to a holin to an alfostserat and other elements of medicine. Use of medicine causes such by-effects as nausea, pains in epigastralny area and confusion of consciousness. At emergence of undesirable effects it is necessary to see the attending physician for correction of a dosage. Nootropic means is capable to restore brain blood circulation and metabolism in cells of a brain. After receiving a craniocereberal trauma it is necessary to begin reception of Gliatilin as soon as possible. Medicine is especially effective at heavy ChMT with consciousness violations. Medicine is released from pharmacy on the prescription. Its interaction with other medicines is not established. Gliatilin releases the Italian pharmaceutical company ItalFarmaco. An analog of this nootrop are Tserepro and Tsereton medicines.

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