The period of development of the child from 6 months to 1 year

The period of development of the child from 6 months to 1 year

Here also half a year of life of the little man passed quickly the first. It seems, only yesterday brought a precious package, and today you look at the calendar and notice how the kid quickly grew up. During this time you endured a lot of things, there are also locks at children, both gripes, and vomiting, and just bad mood.

But despite problems, it is necessary to be engaged in development of the kid, so, that your kid has to be able to do.

So, in 6 months the child is already able to sit with support, plays with rattles, but is short, and begins to bite (the first dairy teeth appeared).

7-8 month pass in "persistent trainings" on rising, holding a bed back, and to active crawling. Dear parents, do not forget that crawling is an active stage of psychomotor development of your kid. During this period the tiny sun learns the world through tactile feelings that favors to development of the emotional sphere. Children who for any reason were deprived of an opportunity much to creep (adverse living conditions, existence of animals in the house), the first years of life distinguish human emotions worse.

On the 9th month of life the child surely stands on the feet, holding a support. Some begin to take the first steps, and it is a merit of the parents paying much attention to development of the child. But in our regions early walking more likely an exception to the rules. The kid after the 9th month begins to say the first terse syllables already. Though, some children, begin to talk after two years. And it is norm option too if there are no psychosomatic diseases.

In 10 months the kid surely "runs" in walkers, plays with a toy more long time (up to 15 minutes), eats from a spoon and is able to drink from a children's cup feeder. Pronounces the first monosyllables.

In 11 months the child will improve all previous skills, and, an important indicator are his abilities by 12 months.

By first day of the birth your sun has to be able to do the following:

  • To go
  • Nobility of close people
  • To know the name
  • To distinguish toys on color
  • To eat from a spoon
  • To pronounce, on average, 12 monosyllables
  • Independently to play short time with toys

When using techniques of early development you will be able to achieve hooshy results that, undoubtedly, will favorably affect further development of your child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team