The quiet child - a dream or reality

The quiet child - a dream or reality

At last it happened – you gave birth to the child. Small happiness in your hands. It is difficult to constrain emotions, feelings as if are torn from a breast outside – there is a wish at the same time both to cry and to laugh. And here the baby, having got from a cozy mother's tummy to the huge, unfamiliar world, the first minutes of the life feels the real shock. To it it is terrible, there is a wish back to mom in a tummy where so warmly, quietly and comfortably.

At this time the kid has to feel your support and care. Try to press more often gently him to yourself, rock to sleep on hands and lean against a breast that the kid could feel heart beat to which he so got used in that, other world.

Having begun life, the child will be connected with you as if invisible thread – it is sensitive to adopt your mood, to feel when you are absent nearby. Each such moment will disturb the little man. Therefore try to be tender, not to break even if very much were tired or it is heavy, you have to be all the time together.

Being in a tummy, the kid was as though in a cradle. Filled up under steps of mom and reacted to gentle touches of favourite hands. Having been born, the kid will lack very much this comfort. The huge space can strongly frighten around – especially on the street. Therefore it is better to walk with the child in a carriage – so you though you will a little visually narrow space around the kid. And if he all the same worries – just a little him shake.

By scientists it is proved that being in a mother's stomach the child hears everything and understands. To pregnant women strongly recommend to communicate with the kid as often as possible. Getting used to mom's voice from first months of origin, in the future the child can distinguish it among hundreds of voices of other women. Singing lullabies, reading fairy tales and just talking to the kid, you will constantly remind of yourself that you here, near the miracle. And of course, every instant, when you together, say to him about how it is necessary for you.

The intonation and feelings which will be hidden in these words the child will accept at the subconscious level and will fully feel yours to it the relation. And in general, be not afraid to show the love – embrace, kiss, play with fingers, stroke on skin. Also cast away the occurring incorrect opinion that children quite so play about. Love of the child you will not spoil, and here the excessive severity can put between you an invisible wall, and the child will begin to feel like unnecessary and unfortunate.

Also do not forget about games. The kid has to develop in due time especially as at the beginning he will be interested more objects of which his world consists now. He is not able to hold a head yet, to rise and turn over, but willingly reaches handles for something bright, beautiful, making various sounds.

Soft toys are not really useful (they can cause allergies from dust on fibers), as well as firm toys (about them it can be wounded). Occupy the kid with bright ribbons (under supervision), rattles and rubber toys.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team