The recipe of lunar sand for the smallest

The recipe of lunar sand for the smallest

Games with sand do not lose popularity among children of each new generation. Sand calms, well influences development of fine motor skills, expansion of an outlook of the child.

It is required to you

  • - starch
  • - water
  • - spray
  • - molds
  • - big bowl


1. If on the street a rain then to go to the yard and it is impossible to play in a sandbox, of course. But it is possible to make a sandbox of the house and to carry away the child a favourite interesting game and without going outside. And how many the kid will have a delight! Mom will seem the real magician. Though actually everything is very simple. Let's prepare lunar sand for a house game.

2. For sand preparation we need a wide and superficial bowl. In it it will be convenient to mix components, and then the child will be able to play in the same bowl with sand. The spray is required for uniform distribution of moisture. So, in a small bottle with the spray we will gather cold water, starch (for a start it is possible to take one cup) we fill in a bowl, we spray water on the surface of starch, at the same time we mix, we rumple a hand to achieve desirable consistence. Starch should not spread or be too dry if to squeeze a little weight a hand, it will well hold a form.

3. A part of starch can be mixed with a small amount of food coloring and to prepare thus multi-colored lunar sand. But in this case it is necessary to consider that food colorings can cause allergic reaction. The lunar sand prepared according to this recipe consists of safe components, does not contain sand of natural origin, any additional ingredients of the unknown nature therefore is safe even for the most small children, it can be tried on a uvula and it will not cause poisoning. Besides, lunar sand from starch will not soil clothes, furniture, carpets. After the end of a game it is easy to remove the scattered sand by means of a damp rag, a broom or the vacuum cleaner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team