The room for the newborn

The room for the newborn

The birth of the kid is a significant event for which all prepare in advance, and not only from psychological aspect. Parents try to create all necessary conditions for the newborn child and to equip for him the nursery. Many pay attention to design of the room, however it is not so important as some other aspects.

What has to be present at the room for the newborn child

Purity first of all is important for the kid. Before he appears in the house, all have to be finished to uniform repair work, especially painting. It is also worth taking care and of lighting. It is not necessary to give preference to too bright light, rather good, but diffused light. In advance it is necessary to think over how the room of the newborn as further it should be done regularly will be aired. Only consider that no drafts should be at all!

As for furniture, first of all take care of that the kid had a crib. The best option will be the wooden bed which has a function of adjustment of height of a bottom and bokovinka are removed. The mattress should be got only from natural fillers, otherwise the child can have allergic reactions to artificial material.

The case with the shelf is an integral part of the children's room too. It is desirable that in it there were not only regiments for clothes, but also the place on which it is possible to put things necessary for the kid like powder, small bottles and other. Establishing this furniture, consider that it always has to be near at hand.

If you have an opportunity to buy a changing table, then make it. The only minus of this subject is that it is necessary only in the first 2-3 months because through this period the kid begins to turn over and, it is worth distracting only for a minute, and it already fell.

Do not forget to install the lamp night lamp in the children's room of the newborn child. Kids, as a rule, often wake up in the middle of the night therefore side soft light will be more than ever by the way.

Equipping the children's room, it is also necessary to take care of mom and to get for it a small sofa or a couch. This furniture will be necessary when it is necessary to calm in the middle of the night the child and to be near it.

What should not be in the children's room of the newborn

If first of all purity is important for the kid, then it is easy to guess that at his room there should be no dust, dirt and a mold. It is better to refuse carpets and to varnish a floor - so it will be more convenient to you to wash the floors. Also do not encumber the room with any books and other objects which are capable to save on themselves dust.

It is not necessary to choose beautifully issued curtains with various folds and draperies. If to use them, then they will only become an additional source of dust. The most optimal variant are rolled or Roman curtains.

To household appliances too not the place in the room of the newborn. On a floor there should be no cords and other things about which mom with the child on hands can stumble. In other words, in the room of the kid of all has to be on a minimum, that is only the most necessary things.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team