The second child in family. How to avoid jealousy of the senior of younger.

The second child in family. How to avoid jealousy of the senior of younger.

Appearance of the younger brother or sister for the child a big stress. All mother's attention at best shares for two, and most often – more care is given to younger. To avoid jealousy, the child should be trained for the birth of the little sister or brother.

1. Begin to tell that one more child to the senior will appear in advance. It is desirable to do it in 5-6 months prior to the birth youngest. The senior child will already manage to get used to this thought, and will sharply not endure the fact appearance of one more child in the house. 2. Tell the child what first younger will only sleep and eat. And when the kid will a little grow up, they will play together.

3. Ask the husband more attention to give to the senior child – let them together play, walk, do sports. Then the child will treat appearance of the kid calmly as he will get used to spend much time with the father and will not be so we depend on mom.

4. Embrace and kiss the child as often as possible. Especially it is important after emergence youngest. Let the child see and feels that mom still loves him. 5. Try to make friends your children. Seniors often are afraid and do not love younger because they do not know what with them to do. Explain to him that if the kid cries, then it is possible to give it a dummy, to sing a song or to make ridiculous mugs. Your senior child will like this game, and he will help you. When you swaddle or you feed the kid, you ask the senior to help you, to bring something. 6. Going to walk with the kid, do not forget about the senior child. Especially he will be very proud if you to it allow to drive a little a carriage with youngest.

7. Make a corner where the younger child will not be able to come without the permission of the senior for the senior. Let the senior sometimes there retire. Do not force the senior child to give all the toys, but you praise if he decided to share. You learn younger to ask always permissions, before to take a toy of the senior child. Let except the general toys at each child will be personal. 8. When the kid grows up, teach it to play with the senior, let them spend together more time, and then the jealousy will die away. Do not encourage a yabednichestvo. Try not to take the part of one of children, try to understand each situation. 9. You learn to unite children common cause: we do together pizza, we cut out snowflakes or we build a snowman. Consolidates common cause. Involve the husband in all family affairs. Let you will have amicable children, and then it will not be terrible to give birth to one more kid.

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