The second child: pros and cons

The second child: pros and cons

Not each family decides on the second child. One more kid, certainly, will bring a lot of joy, however for certain will break your settled life rhythm. Before making this important decision, it is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons

Objective conditions

In different families where there are two children, the situation can be absolutely opposite with other things being equal. For example, one mom perfectly copes with kids without assistance, works, has hobbies and time for household chores. Another - is in a constant stress, nothing is in time and breaks on relatives. In this case a number of objective factors can influence a state of affairs: a financial situation in family, complexity of the main work, the organization of life, distribution of duties, the psychological atmosphere in the relations. If you have everything with it as it should be, you should not be afraid that one more child will break the habitual course of things. If you easily cope with one kid, hardly to you it will be difficult with another.

Estimate in advance those conditions which you have. Whether you will need to sacrifice work and to lose the financial status after the birth of one more child? Whether you will be able to refuse for some time habitual pastime without prejudice to family? If in general your objective conditions are favorable, at you much more chances to give birth and raise both children in the atmosphere of love and tranquility.


Health of your future child directly depends on yours. Undergo necessary inspections, be engaged in treatment of chronic diseases. If your first delivery was difficult, or you have serious diseases, consult to the doctor, your forecast is how favorable. Also the amount of time which passed after the previous childbirth is important. Even if you are completely healthy, but gave rise less than 6-8 months ago, your organism did not manage to be restored yet. Be ready to increased fatigue, the shortage of minerals and, perhaps, to more frequent visits to the gynecologist. If you, on the contrary, gave birth long ago (more than 10 years ago), keep in mind that during this time blood supply of a uterus, as a rule, worsens. According to many doctors, optimum term for planning of the second kid in terms of health - 3-8 years later after the birth of the first.

Psychological aspects

Many mothers begin to worry in advance that they will not be able to love the second child as strongly as the first. In suppressing the majority of cases are an absolute delusion. The resource of the true maternal love is really infinite, and in a consequence, embracing two kids, you with a smile will remember the vain fears. Quite perhaps, you worry that two children will quarrel and be jealous of you to each other. It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to foresee this situation, despite any statistical data. Yes, there are recommendations of psychologists according to which negative attitude of the senior to younger is the most relevant at the age of 3 years. At the same time it is considered that if between kids a difference 1-2 years, then it is possible to forget about jealousy: children perfectly will get on and play with each other, and the senior soon in general will forget that period when parents had it one. Also the difference in 8-10 years is not less favorable: acting through the senior child you will find the invaluable assistant. However in practice not always it appears quite so. Cases when children, irrespective of an age difference, grow up foreign people are frequent, and subsequently remember to parents children's offenses. A lot of things depend on you, on that, how exactly you will raise the children what tone you will set in their relations as you will react to their complaints and problems. The envious egoist offended for the whole world and by you personally also the only child in family can grow up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team