The spoiled child. What should I do?

The spoiled child. What should I do?

Following this advice, you will surely re-educate the spoiled child in kind, sympathetic and understanding the child.

Reasons of pamperedness of the child

Unreasoned educational system. It becomes very frequent as a result of inconsistency of model of education the child spoiled. For example, mom insists on that the child went to bed not later 22-00. While dad allows the beloved child to sit up for a half-hour hour or so. Problems because of a difference of opinion on education of children at mothers fathers and grandmothers grandfathers are possible. Very often grandmothers and grandfathers indulge grandchildren while parents very much try to pacify the darling. The result – is available. The child begins to manipulate adults. Surprisingly, but at him it turns out very well.

Long-awaited child. It is no secret that many married couples have problems with reproduction. Someone puts career on the first place, hoping "to live for himself" then. Someone cannot just become pregnant. Options – weight. The result one – the newborn becomes the center of the Universe for all around – for mom and dad, for grandmothers and grandfathers, for all - all all. Of course, it is not bad. The child is a miracle. It is not necessary to love it half, he deserves bigger. But! It is necessary to know when to stop. Never be lisped with the baby. Also do not allow to do it to people around. You do not seek to protect the child from everything. You do not run at top speed to solve small problems of the baby, let will try to make it at first. The child – the same person, as well as you. It will not turn out to put him in a gold cage, having protected from all bad and dangerous. Therefore do not even try to be engaged in it, otherwise it is necessary to put into practice those advice which I will give slightly below to parents of the spoiled children.

Confusion in own views of education of the child. Most often new parents who with all the heart want to grow up the kind and sympathetic child face a similar problem, but do not know how to do it. They do not understand how to behave with the kid what to resolve and what to limit. Actually, in it there is nothing awful. All of us once burned on own mistakes, each parent stumbled and got confused in the techniques of education. The most important is not to start a situation, or it is even worse – not to neglect. Otherwise it is necessary to reap the fruits of own work then.

What the spoiled child grows up?

Aggressive; weak; defenseless; jealous; greedy; diffident; incapable to make decisions.

From here it is visible that prospect – not the most iridescent. It is necessary to change something.

How to re-educate the spoiled child?

The most important council – stop to indulge whims of the spoiled child. Only make it not sharply, and gradually. For a start – teach the child to be patient.

For example, the kid asks to include to him cartoons, and you are employed at kitchen at this time. Explain to the spoiled child that surely include cartoons, but in 10 minutes after be released. Naturally, in reply you will hear howl, shout and habitual footfall of small legs. Here it is worth behaving. After all, you decided to re-educate the spoiled child. Do not recede! Pretend that nothing occurred, go about the own business, but in 10 minutes nevertheless turn on the TV.

Other example, in shop the kid asks to buy the next toy. Tell that today you did not take spare cash. And, again, do not concede. No, so not. It is not necessary, having seen the first teardrop, to rush to cash desk with a doll-machine-engine.

As a result the child has to understand that there are not only his desires and whims that too it is necessary to reckon with surrounding people. First of all – with mom and dad.

After that talk to the spoiled child. Explain to him that you did not buy it a toy not because more you do not love it but because you actually had no money. Promise to buy surely from the first salary what was not bought today. Also do not forget to keep a promise, otherwise the kid will think that you deceive him. Then it is necessary eshcheborotsya with children's lies because children copy behavior of the parents.

Let know to the spoiled child that you did not cease to love him as strongly as earlier, just sometimes it upsets with the behavior mom and dad. Place emphasis on it. On the fact that you are upset not by the child, namely his behavior. Otherwise the kid can have an impression that you do not love it because it is bad. Children's mentality – very difficult piece. It is necessary to be extremely accurate in the words not to complicate even more the relation with the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team