Three-wheeled strollers: features of the choice

Three-wheeled strollers: features of the choice

Long before the child's birth future parents begin preparation for this event. The important place among all preparatory work is taken by purchase of a carriage for the kid. Today there is a set of types and types of carriages. All of them have both advantages, and shortcomings.

Choice of a carriage

Rather recently the new type of strollers – three-wheeled appeared. In spite of the fact that such model of carriages appeared in the market not so long ago, it already enjoy wide popularity. What it is necessary to pay attention when choosing a three-wheeled stroller to:

1) If the three-wheeled carriage is equipped with pneumowheels, it is recommended to pay attention to that they were well rolled upon purchase. 2) It is necessary to be attentive as can take away such carriage aside. Carriages with the fixed front wheel cost not much, but are not really maneuverable.

3) It is the best of all to choose a three-wheeled carriage with a rotary front wheel. In this case the front wheel can be fixed or freely rotate. 4) Strollers with a front wheel which can change a tilt angle are very steady. It also very much increases maneuverability of a carriage.5) It should be noted that all three-wheeled strollers have the lever of the emergency brake. It is better to choose model in which the brake lever can block both front, and back wheel.6) it is Also desirable that at such carriage the back wheels had separate brake adaptation. It is very convenient for blocking of wheels for the period of the parking. Upon purchase of a carriage it is necessary to check a brake for serviceability. 7) In good models the brake rope is not visible at all as it is reliably hidden in a special hose in the frame basis. 8) One more advantage of a three-wheeled stroller is that width of its wheel base is more, than at other types of carriages. It increases its stability. Therefore it is necessary to choose model with broad wheel base.9) The less weight of such carriage, the it will be more convenient to operate it. 10) Very important upon purchase of a three-wheeled carriage to pay attention to whether the front wheel is well established. If the wheel is badly established – it can lead to the fact that when driving it will wag to the right and to the left. If such defect was found, it is necessary to ask the seller to correct it or to pay the attention to other carriage.

Shortcomings of a three-wheeled stroller

1) Such carriages are not really steady. For example, at entrance on the sidewalk there is a big threat that the carriage will turn over. At some point the carriage remains on one wheel. The danger increases if the front wheel rotary and is not recorded. 2) Management of such carriage will require many forces therefore, most likely, it will be very heavy to elderly people to cope a three-wheeled stroller. 3) Some models of three-wheeled carriages very hard overcome strongly snow-covered roads.

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