To carry out what is the time at the computer to the child

To carry out what is the time at the computer to the child

Now the computer can be met practically in each house. For many it is a workplace or way of carrying out leisure. However each parent asks a question whether the child can be at the computer and what is the time it has to borrow.


1. Children should begin to study the computer, various programs sooner or later and to gain skills of work with them. This is really irreplaceable assistant in training and also a necessary thing for full-fledged life in society. By means of the personal computer and the Internet children learn a huge number of information necessary for life. However, when the child begins to use it not for designated purpose is already completely different question.

2. It is desirable to teach your child not only to automatic following of programs click of a mouse, but also to explain how actually this software works. Owing to what, it will show interest in work with the computer, he will be more interested in its technical part, than just in computer games.

3. Often some parents use the personal computer as the nurse. In that case your children will spend a sufficient large number of time, sitting at it. Therefore, they risk to receive in the future the problems connected with social interaction they will be much more difficult to be interested in ordinary games or reading. Not to mention that the probability of physical consequences for an organism – the wrong bearing, complications with sight, a hypodynamia is high.

4. As a rule, reasonable pastime behind the personal computer for the preschool child are thirty or forty minutes. But the most important to make so that this time was spent with benefit for it and stimulated its development, and not vice versa.

5. Now it is known that the game dependence is included in the list of such dependences as alcoholism, drug addiction, toxicomania and smoking. To cope with it it is quite problematic, on extremely measure, it will disturb very much the child in development and training in various areas.

6. An optimal variant will be if your child to get acquainted with games a bit later. For a start, let learns the real, active games with the real and living people. The childhood is the period which will never repeat and will not return, and the personal computer will be nearby for the rest of the life. If and to select computer games, then they have to carry at least didactic sense, that is the developing and training intelligence, memory, thought processes, attention and imagination.

7. Proceeding from everything, it is possible to draw an interesting conclusion that children can use the personal computer, but in moderate quantities and, the most important, with benefit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team