To cut or not to cut the child in a year

To cut or not to cut the child in a year

Other customs which got to us from our ancestors are surprisingly hardy. And it is not so simple to resist an authoritative statement of the grandmother or mother-in-law "I grew up three, and still nobody died". However, on the dawn of the millennia, in many respects thanks to information revolution, more and more young mothers ask a question of validity of any given traditions.

For the last decades the serious tendency to a denial of a set of the myths connected with breastfeeding, a feeding up, a dream, swaddling, treatment, training of children was outlined. These issues are actively discussed, and the most part of the young mothers who got acquainted with all pros and cons has an opportunity to choose for themselves and the child only the position, correct for them, on any given question. At the moment, in our country the movement of "natural parenthood" gains the increasing development. His main idea is the naturalness in education and child care.

The question of a hairstyle of the child, certainly, is not so basic as feeding or training of the kid, but in many respects his decision depends on to what group of mothers you carry yourself: the traditionalists leaning on signs and customs of the senior generations, or the "estestvennitsa" regarding as of paramount importance convenience and comfort of the child.

In the first case the answer to the question "cut or not cut the child in a year", in fact, is not necessary. Certainly to cut. But nevertheless it is worth securing the kid. Take him to specialized children's hairdressing salon where process of a hairstyle is thought over to trifles: the child for the period of a hairstyle will be enticed cartoons, put in a game chair, and experts will be able to make process of a hairstyle by the least discomfortable and frightening, than it can happen at home. And then, perhaps, the moneybox of your family stories will not be replenished with the fascinating story about how "all family of the son held by the head, dad cut, and the grandfather danced, and as a result all the same it was necessary to shave". However, your child will precisely look it much better, and new reasons for tears and mistrust to the family will not appear. If in your environment there is a tradition according to which godparents have to do a hairstyle, just invite them with yourself in hairdressing salon that they could shear pair of curls according to the recommendations of the hairdresser and model of future hairstyle. In case you in everything are guided by convenience of the child, then a question to cut or not to cut the kid to a certain date for you too is not necessary. There can be several reference points to which it is worth adhering. The first of them - need of the hairstyle. As for a long time it is known, the myth that hair after a hairstyle become more dense and thicker, has under itself no serious reasons. Just with age the down is replaced by adult hair. The hairstyle only allows to open the volosik hidden under the first down. Density and quality of hair it is connected with the quantity of hair bulbs put genetically. Usually, hair become more dense and thicker by a year therefore the tradition appeared to shear a down at this age. If by a year at your kid at roots the same down, it simply says that hair will grow a bit later, but it happens surely. So hair should be cut only in case they already strongly grew and disturb the child. Hairdressers do not advise to shave children as hair bulbs still weak and can be damaged. Further it is necessary to estimate readiness of the kid for similar procedures. If your child is quiet, enjoys all new and willingly allows to look after himself, you should not expect also serious problems with the first hairstyle. If he reluctantly allows to cut nails and is nervous at one type of a hairbrush, you should not subject it to an additional stress. Even if volosik climb already in eyes, the full-fledged hairstyle should be postponed - only shear excess locks from a forehead during sleep or bathings when your child with enthusiasm plays, or turn a hairstyle into a cheerful, but safe game. And anyway, it is worth remembering several rules. To the child during a hairstyle it has to be comfortable, quiet and cheerful. Therefore visit time to the hairdresser needs to be fixed in that interval of day when the kid got enough sleep, is full and adjusted to play. At an opportunity, show to the kid positive video where cut the child. Will be great if you descend with the child and someone from adults to the hairdresser that he saw how there cut mom and as it is pleasant to her. Tell that now and he will be just as the adult. In the course of a hairstyle try to carry away the kid a quiet game: consider together his fingers, show the prepared bright pictures, new to it, tell the counting rhyme. And, above all, remain in quiet mood. It will help the child to understand that he in safety.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team