To love or release?

To love or release?

Relations between the man and the woman are so difficult and tangled that it becomes not clear, to continue them or to stop. To make the correct decision and then not to be sorry about own choice, it is necessary to assess correctly a situation and to understand itself.

To love

Probably, you agree that it is worth fighting for the love. For the sake of this fine feeling it is possible to pass a set of tests if only darling was near. For the sake of joint happiness it is worth forgiving shortcomings of each other and to accept the elect it what he is.

Do not allow household problems and small quarrels to kill your love. Learn to find a compromise solution, meet halfway each other. Remember that the strong union is created thanks to work on the relations and men, and women.

Keep in mind that work and money can both be lost, and to find again. And here again it is not so simple to find a soulmate. Therefore it is worth appreciating the loved one most of all, not to break on him the bad mood, not to neglect it attention and society because of less important issues. Try to spend time together with the partner, look for common interests. Find a hobby which will bring together you, get acquainted with friends of the young man or the girl and enter darling into the circle of contacts. It is not necessary to suppress problems. Discuss with the orchestra seats the moments which do not suit you, and are ready to listen to some claims in the address. The main thing to do it it is civilized and tactful, not to pass to insults and not to turn a conversation into scandal.

To release

In council to appreciate and strengthen the relations it is worth making the reservation. It is necessary to fight for the love only when your elect of it is worthy. Happens that one of couple stays in illusions how darling treats it. When in the union one loves, and the second uses it, it is abnormal. It is impossible to allow such situation. Never lose own personality, the identity in the relations. Make concessions to darling, but be not dissolved in him, do not step through the principles. Remember that some acts you should not forgive. The real treachery, any violence, systematic neglect from your partner says that his attitude towards you is not sincere. You should not hold such person. Believe, there will be other candidate for your heart, more honest and worthy. If you do not see prospects in your relations, too it is better to stop them. When you do not know how it is possible to support your union, it can sputter out. And then to the place of passion the melancholy and a habit comes. If you want to meet the real feeling, go further, but you do not hold a pathetic caricature of love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team