To what camp it is better to go to summer vacation

To what camp it is better to go to summer vacation

Three-months summer vacation is an opportunity not only to have a rest from school, but also somewhere to go. Parents can send the child to the children's camp where the kid will perfectly spend time, will get new friends. Today there are many options of such pastime.

Everything the camp can be divided on types into seasonal, year-round and day. Territorially they can be in different regions, those that are placed on the coasts of the seas enjoy wide popularity. Happen the camp improving, sports, labor, linguistic, ecological, developing. Choosing the permit, think over purposes of visit, sometimes useful is to master one more language, to develop leadership skills or even to earn.

All-improving or sanatorium nurseries of the camp

It is possible to combine pleasant pastime and treatment in special facilities. Their difference is that in the territory children can restore the health considerably. The complex of the provided procedures usually is specified in the permit, but they are appointed the treating doctor. Children at the same time are also under observation of tutors, and under supervision of doctors. Usually for each arrived the program of improvement which is carefully carried out then is formed. Depending on presence of diseases, procedures of different type are appointed. All this promotes prevention of many diseases, reduction of symptoms of the existing diseases, the general strengthening of an organism.

Labor camp

Rest in the labor camp suits only children 12 years are more senior. Usually the camp gives an opportunity not only to have a rest, but also to earn. The first half of day, but no more than 4 hours a day, all children are engaged in some work. In most cases it is work on fields where the seasonal help is necessary. Each child at the end of the month receives a remuneration for it. Sometimes a part of money goes for repayment of cost of the permit, conditions are discussed before acquisition of the vacation spot on change in advance.

Sports center

A large number of mobile actions offer sports the camp. Usually they are equipped with special platforms for different types of sport, many give to such vacation spots preferences of the coach of school and section teams. The trip to the similar place gives the chance to have a good time, but at the same time to improve physical achievements. The majority of the held events are connected with sport, with competitions and achievements, at the same time the command spirit, the will to win is formed.

The training camp

Training the camp it is possible to divide into two types: some for the children having difficulties in study, others for those who want to learn something over the school program. The second type of institutions suggests to master in playful way some certain skills, for example, language. At the same time in games, representations the foreign language is often used, and sometimes at all all people around speak only that dialect which needs to be mastered. It is possible to go to such camp abroad, hundreds of offers are available to everyone today. To what camp to go in the summer, it is better to solve in common to the child and parents. Vacation is the period of rest, and not each kid to agree to work or gain new knowledge. And when choosing the permit it is important to pay attention not only to the program for participants, but also to accommodation conditions, and also education structure.

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