To what cranes dream

To what cranes dream

Cranes dream by the child's birth in family, to arrival of relatives or guests from far away. To dream the cranes who are flying away on the North it is considered the bad sign: finance will begin to flow away through fingers as if water. The crane who in a dream flied will bring any message. Such is the general interpretation of these dreams.

The crane is the conventional symbol of fidelity and love. To dream generally these birds – fortunately, to good luck, to love and for fidelity! However it is necessary to remember that on the future, nevertheless, snovidets has to place the main emphasis. Here everything will depend on that how many efforts he is ready to enclose in achievement of any given results. From it, success in love, in a professional field and in implementation of plans generally depends.

To what do cranes dream? Family dream book

If birds pack I depart on the North, then the disappointment in something approaches. If dreams as the crane wedge leaves the native land, departing on the South, then not far off a meeting with loyal friends. According to family dream book to see similar dreams to the woman is a good sign: in reality she can not doubt fidelity of darling and completely trust him.

To what do cranes dream? Dream book by Hasse

This dream book does not give unambiguous interpretation concerning this dream. For example, the flied cranes who sit down on the earth, promise to snovidets some surprises or unusual situations. If cranes, on the contrary, fly up into the sky, then in reality it is necessary to be careful – something unpleasant can happen to younger members of household., It seems, cranes are not songbirds, and only make guttural sounds, but a dream on that and a dream! If to hear, dreamily cranes suddenly started singing, then in real life it is possible to expect safely promotion, career development. Sometimes dreams as the crane oddly climbs for a bosom to snovidets. It is very good dream promising addition in family. The good sign is to release a crane into the sky: not far off happiness, success and success in affairs.

To what do cranes dream? Intimate dream book

To fly on cranes in a dream – favorable sign. If on a crane to rise up, then fast advance on a career ladder in reality approaches. If to come on a crane back to Earth – acquaintance to the person who will become the patron of snovidets is in reality possible. In the nature two met heterosexual cranes begin a peculiar marriage dance. If somebody happened to dream about this picture, then not far off and own love happiness filled with bright sexual emotions. Shortly snovidets should fall in love really!

To what do cranes dream? Dream book by Tsvetkov

If these birds write out the whole circles over the head of snovidets, then his cherished dreams shortly should be realized. If birds in a dream go to the South – to snovidets to hands there is a great luck! The main thing not to miss it. The birds who are flying away from snovidets promise small troubles and difficulties which the owner of this dream should overcome.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team