To what dead men dream

To what dead men dream

You should not worry strongly if dead men dreamed. Psychologists say that such dreams are the most ordinary pictures from memory or a projection of the current reality to subconsciousness. However interpreters of dreams manage also here to give advice.

Dead men in a dream. Dream book by Miller

Gustav Miller considers dead men in a dream as prevention. In reality the person needs to be very attentive as he is surrounded by swindlers and envious persons. And it is not paranoia at all. By own nonsense it is possible to fall a victim of any deception or swindle. It is not necessary to be also too impressionable person. It is necessary just to be attentive and careful and not to give in on different provocation. So famous Gustav Miller considers.

To what do dead men dream? Dream book by Freud

Here Siegmund Freud gives the interpretation other than a "sexual" manner peculiar to it. If the person who died in real life for a long time dreamed the dead, then it is necessary to listen attentively to his words. The fact is that his speech and its actions in relation to snovidets is a caution of the last from rash acts as in reality snovidets has a risk to be involved in some large scandal.

If the dreamed dead man in reality is the well person, then snovidets just hates this personality. It rages from one thought of its existence, he would like to see it in a coffin. You should not dramatize so everything, it is not necessary to be so angry and violent person. To anything good it will not lead. It is necessary to forgive this person, God to him the judge. So Siegmund Freud advises.

Dead men. Dream book by Tsvetkov

Evgeny Tsvetkov considers that such dreams – the adverse sign: the interpreter is sure that snovidets is waited in reality by tragic events and the realized subconscious fears. If to dream about the dead man who is in reality the living person it is possible to run into the serious troubles connected with a showdown with this personality. And all because snovidets in reality hates it people, subconsciously wishing him death. You should not be such cruel.

Dream book by Vanga: dead men in a dream

The famous Bulgarian prophet and the clairvoyant Vangeliya in own way treats this dream. She considers that it is necessary to try to ask in a dream the dead man that it is necessary for it. Perhaps, it is already late friend or the relative want to warn snovidets about something. You should not be frightened as the future changes not necessarily will be bad. But here to dream a huge number of the wandering dead persons – to global disasters federal or global. Epidemics, wars, cataclysms approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team