To what diet to adhere to the feeding mom

To what diet to adhere to the feeding mom

Around chest feeding many myths were formed. They live because everything in a subject of education of the kid very much is not unambiguous, and concerning natural feeding too.

Once was considered that the feeding woman has to keep to a rigid diet. Now everything is differently. There are some recommendations as young mom has to eat.

Vitamins and nutrients

The organism of the woman is arranged so that with milk the kid receives all substances and vitamins necessary to it. If mom not enough them uses, then she will begin to lose weight, lose hair and teeth sharply. The players of breast milk are practically not changed, even when the woman very badly eats. Therefore a various diet of the feeding mom - guarantee of her own health.

Gripes of the newborn

To reduce risk of intestinal gripes, do not recommend to young mothers the products promoting excessive gas generation: peas, bean, corn, fresh pastries, cucumbers, cabbage. It is also not especially useful for the baby on natural feeding if mom eats grapes and raisin. This fruit strengthens digestion and promotes gripes and diarrhea at the newborn.

Instead of pastries it is possible to eat the long cookies "Maria" or "Zoopark" with tea. It is considered that it is easier acquired and gas generation is not promoted at the kid and also by these cookies not too sweet that reduces risk of an allergy.

Doctors do not advise the feeding mummies to use hot spices in the kitchen, to strongly fry dishes. Sharp and fat loads a liver of both mom, and her baby. Mushrooms – too too heavy food for young mom.

Dairy products are extremely necessary for young mom as will provide intake of calcium. If they are not in a diet, then caries will quickly begin, hair will drop out and to exfoliate nails. Calcium for the child all the same will come to milk, there will only be it due to its washing away from mom's organism.

However with whole milk it is necessary to be careful too. In pure form it often provokes gripes or causes allergies. It is better to cook on it porridges and also every day there is a cottage cheese with sour cream.

Allergy of the baby

Newborns are extremely subject to an allergy. With age its risk decreases. But while digestion just returns to normal (about 3 months) even harmless products can cause reaction on skin of the kid. The feeding mom should not be fond of sweet, whole milk, chocolate, bright fruit and vegetables (especially red and orange coloring), pink and red fish, products containing fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Everything in a diet of mom has to be the most natural. It is preferable to choose vegetables white or green. The same principle will remain also concerning a feeding up.

Surely the feeding woman has to have a fish on a table. It is desirable that it were low-fat grades of white fish: cod, halibut, hake, tilapia, etc.

Chicken too often causes allergies in children. The rabbit and a turkey are considered as the most low allergy. Mom nursing the kid can safely cook such meat for herself. But also you should not forget about beef. Red meat is an iron source. 

Basic principle of the choice of low allergy products: it is necessary to eat those vegetables and fruit which grow in this climate. If mom with the child live in the south, then they can quite use a large number of watermelons, melons and bananas, not one generation eats them. And here the family from the North so should not do, their organism got used genetically to smaller amount of fruit.

Mom's diet at chest feeding has to be various. It will provide her good health, sufficient volume of milk and health. If, being a pregnant woman, the woman adjusted to healthy nutrition, then she cannot correct the diet during feeding by a breast. And from the moment of a feeding up such mom should not reconstruct strongly, all these councils will remain in force and concerning the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team