To what nuances to pay attention, bringing together the child in school

To what nuances to pay attention, bringing together the child in school

Soon on September 1. Parents buy up to children school supplies, clothes and footwear. To what moments it is necessary to pay attention?

Shopping we first of all pay attention to the price and appearance. But here business concerns the child, and first of all it is necessary to look at structure. Even school supplies can be unsafe.


Special attention should be paid to a satchel. Not correctly picked up can cause violation of a bearing. According to sanitary standards the first grader's backpack without filling should not weigh more than 700 grams. Filled – no more than three kilograms. But even for average and senior school students the weight without textbooks should not exceed one kilogram. Satchels with a soft back and not suitable by the size will not be suitable for younger school students. Read the label. On it it has to be surely written "school backpack" and the age of the child is specified.

Surely try on a satchel on the child. It should not rest the upper edge against a nape and should not press on a waist at all. The backpack for growth is not option too. It will be absolutely inconvenient to be carried to the child. Also it is fraught with deformations of a backbone: scoliosis and kifozy. There is also one more rule: the weight of a satchel should not exceed 10 percent from the child's weight. The backpack back ideally has to be rigid. Such satchels, as a rule, are more expensive. But they give to a back the correct form, and school supplies and textbooks do not press on a waist.

School supplies

Choosing school supplies, consult on the child. But at the same time you look at structure. If there are a pungent chemical smell and poisonous color, then it is better to refuse such purchase. Choose felt-tip pens on the basis of water ink. If in structure benzene, chloroform, toluene, then it can negatively affect health of the school student.

The eraser should not be too bright and to smell of something. It means that it contains dangerous dyes and fragrances.

When choosing notebooks, estimate color of pages. In ideal option they have to be colors of ivory. And here bright white or gray can badly affect sight.

Correctly picked up pens promote beautiful handwriting. For younger school students the trihedral handle is recommended. It is so more convenient to hold. Also the handle with deepening in the case will approach.

Do not buy a case as a part of which there is a polyvinylchloride. Also the unpleasant chemical smell has to guard.

Consider pencils. Whether they meet standards of the European standard. It says about absence in their composition of heavy metals.

If plasticine of bright color, in it is a lot of paint and stabilizers. Good plasticine should not soil hands and leave fat marks on paper.

Glue stick is very good. They can almost not be soiled. Glue-PVA with the batcher is convenient for more senior school students.

Clothes and footwear

Choose clothes from natural fabrics. The child will be there is in it a lot of time. It should not fit and dangle. Footwear has to be on a flat sole and correspond to the size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team