To what recommendations it is necessary to adhere a year later after the delivery

To what recommendations it is necessary to adhere a year later after the delivery

A year later it is after the delivery still heavy to be adjusted on the correct rhythm of life. Mother of the one-year-old kid needs to think not only of the child, but also of herself: to normalize food, to regularly do sports, to manage to have a rest regardless of whether the child well sleeps at night.

A year later after the delivery the organism of the woman is completely restored. The most hard time behind. Level of hormones is normalized, the periods come, vessels and the system of activity in general work in the habitual mode. By this time the woman often stops nursing the child – usually it happens when the kid has first milk teeth. Regular sex life is normalized. In a word, everything rises into place, but young mothers do not cease to think of the health.

To put a figure in order, it is necessary to do the exercises directed to strengthening of muscles of a press and the special charging helping to reduce waist pains.

One of main "problems" - excess weight. There is a popular belief that the woman has to restore a figure in one and a half years which passed after the delivery differently "everything is lost" and it will be much more difficult to return to normal. Anyway physical exercises are useful to young mom. Sports loadings later after the delivery will not be injurious a year to health of the woman. Visit of circles, sports clubs, dances, classes yoga or Pilates – it is very useful not only will present a cheerfulness charge, but also will help to find composure.

How does the woman have to eat that a year later after the delivery to stay in good shape and excellent mood? At first it is necessary to decide on the reasons of completeness of young mom. Why a year later after the delivery excess weight does not leave?

The main reason – improper feeding. During pregnancy and feeding by a breast the woman got used to eat "for two". The child grew up, and the habit remained. To get rid of bad addiction (and at the same time excess weight), young mom should reduce the caloric content of the consumed food, to divide a habitual diet into 5-6 portions in a day, to refuse late having a snack, sweet and greasy food. The reason the second – decrease in physical activity. The one-year-old child limits movement of mother. All the time is given to the kid, on sport there is no time. Here it is important to get it together, to give the child to parents or the husband for some time and to go to the gym. The reason the third – a sleep debt. Sometimes, that the normal mode of a dream at the child is normalized only by 2-3 years. The one-year-old kid brings to mother many concerns: teeth are cut, temperature rose, the tummy hurts. Of course, night adventures do not allow to get enough sleep to either the kid, or mom. It badly affects health of the woman and metabolism. To improve situation, the woman can try to adapt to the kid – to sleep in the afternoon together with it.

Fatigue even later after the delivery is a year the widespread phenomenon. Do not hesitate to ask for help of relatives that the similar state did not develop into a depression.

Motherhood is a difficult profession. But if the woman found forces to become mother and with success cares for the child for a year, she will be able to take care also of own health and wellbeing. Perhaps, the main recommendation for mom of the one-year-old kid – not to forget about itself. Even if there is catastrophically not enough time, it is necessary to balance the food, to correct a day regimen to find minutes for "itself favourite", periodically to be published and always to remain beautiful. If mom is happy, also the kid is happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team