To what sport to send the child

To what sport to send the child

The sport is of great importance for physical and intellectual development of the child. Choosing section, parents usually are guided by own taste and experience. However in this question it is necessary to consider a set of factors, including, specific features of your child.


1. Objectively estimate your kid. The predisposition to a certain sport can be seen at the age of 5-7 years. If you send the child to section earlier, most likely, you should act at random, and your task is to use his natural data as much as possible.

2. With an excess weight you should not send the child to such sport which demands big mobility and co-ordination, for example, in soccer. Plump children will suit hockey, swimming, judo, track and field athletics. The tall child with pleasure will be taken in volleyball and basketball, and here in artistic gymnastics high growth is not welcomed. Speed, dexterity, ability to quickly make the decision are important for game sports and to work in team.

3. If your child is weak health, it does not mean that the sport is contraindicated to it. You need to choose for him such physical activity which will strengthen health in general, without straining vulnerable body. If the child has weak vessels and problems with pressure, he should steer clear single combats, but it is possible to do swimming and skis. At bronchial asthma it is necessary to refuse such sports where it is required to run, however it is possible to be engaged in water activities and fight. Remember that many famous athletes in the childhood were painful, but thanks to persistence, could overcome the desease and achieve good results.

4. Consider when choosing section and temperament of your child. Game types, horse, skating and sailing, Thai boxing, run, swimming, archery, rhythmic gymnastics, windsurfing well are suitable for mobile choleric persons. Balanced sanguine persons can achieve big results in the sports connected with danger and adventures and also in run on long distances, water polo, volleyball, basketball, hockey, soccer, cricket, boxing, fight, skis, equestrian sport.

5. Hardy phlegmatic persons suit run, gymnastics on shells, riding, rowing, cycling, heats on long distances, weightlifting, fencing, basketball, soccer. Very much phlegmatic persons like to participate in friendly sports competitions. To melancholiacs usually to liking the easy exercises directed to an extension and achievement of balance. Such child will be is ideal by yoga, rowing, ski jumping and with a pole, melt Zi, aerobics, chi kung, rhythmic gymnastics, walking.

6. Do not try to make the Olympic champion of the child. Your main task is to grow up the healthy, purposeful person capable to set the purpose and to try to obtain its achievement. With it you have to be helped also by sport.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team