To what sport to send the child: useful tips to parents

To what sport to send the child: useful tips to parents

In order that it is correct to choose sport for the child, it is necessary to consider not only desire, but also several important factors. They will help to choose a comfortable situation in which it will be easier for it to achieve big results.

Identification of restrictions

First of all it is necessary to undergo medical examination and to check a condition of all components of an organism. If the child has problems with heart and a respiratory system, then to send him to sections of soccer, rugby and boxing will be a big mistake. The sport first of all has to bring benefit. You should not hope for miraculous escape from illnesses and diseases during the trainings. Accounting of temperament and personal qualities 

If the child is balanced, quiet and slow, then best of all he will suit types which are not intended for big physical activities. It is cycling, chess and dances. On the contrary, if it quick-tempered, mobile, then it suits types where a lot of energy is necessary. It is soccer, boxing, fight. So, all excess energy will be directed for achievement of results. Sociable command types will approach. Such as volleyball, hockey, soccer. Combining these qualities it is possible to choose the most suitable sport for the specific child.  

Do not demand impossible

You do not blame the kid for failures at all, do not demand to give all the best for all 100%. Overloads yet brought to nobody benefit, especially to children. Allow him to determine the speed, acceptable for its organism. Anyway, he will adapt to higher requirements itself, through some time.

When it is better to begin to be engaged

The decision to send the child to a sports circle, has to be accepted, it is the best of all when he is 5-7 years old. During this period it is possible to develop flexibility well. And in general it is the best of all to develop all qualities up to 12 years when the organism still develops and easily gives in to the required changes.  Correct loading

Before the child begins the trainings, surely it is worth warning the trainer about what restrictions the young athlete has. But it does not mean that guardianship in this plan from parents is ended. Within a month it is worth monitoring changes in an organism of their child. Whether the training does harm? Perhaps it is worth reducing loading or to increase on the contrary if the organism well copes.  

Injury-causing types

You should not put an end to extreme sports at once, at the correct equipment and to following to simple rules it is possible to reduce chance of getting injured to a minimum. If the child really wants it, you should not ignore his desires. Such sports demand good rest. Take care of good relaxation of muscles. Massage will be the excellent decision.  

Monitoring of a state

Try to undergo more often inspections and to happen on consultations at the pediatrician. Physical activities very strongly influence development of a young organism. It is necessary to adjust degree and time of loadings constantly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team