To what sports section to send the child?

To what sports section to send the child?

For the child it is necessary to approach the choice of section seriously. To strengthen health, to expand the interests of your kid, to help it to temper the character since early years, it is necessary to write down the child in sports section, but on what, to solve only to you.


1. Unfortunately, not all parents know that the choice of sports occupation has to depend on age of your offspring. So, at the child of 7-8 years some systems and skills, such as breath, dexterity and endurance can be still not absolutely developed. If at the wrong time to send such child to section on athletics or volleyball, there can be problems with health.

2. How to make secure not to make mistakes? Everything is very simple. You should get acquainted with sports which suit on indicators to your child. The recommended age for classes soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball and fight - 10-12 years. For boxing classes - 12-14 years. And here, to begin to be engaged in weightlifting, it is necessary to wait to the kid not to be executed 14-15 years so far. It is possible to start going to lessons of rhythmic gymnastics and swimming from 7-8 years.

3. There is also it that the teenager is very busy with study or on medical indicators cannot seriously do sports. How to be in that case? Draw the attention of your child to simple physical exercises. It will take only 15-20 minutes. The daily diet of exercises can include squats, inclinations, run and walking. All this will strengthen forces and will add cheerfulness.

4. One more council for this subject. If you saw that your child not strongly is interested in sport, then you should not start moralizing speeches. Perhaps, your child is endowed with creative abilities, and then it is necessary to send him to art school, a theatrical circle, to section of a molding, origami, dances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team