To what teeth dream

To what teeth dream

According to the majority of dream books to dream about teeth – the adverse sign. But you should not treat it fatally. Teeth are only the symbol depending on a concrete plot of a dream, on the chosen dream book and, of course, on degree of judiciousness of snovidets. Moreover, similar dreams can be directly connected with the toothache felt by snovidets in reality i.e. to be "dummies".

To what do teeth dream? Dream book by Miller

Gustav Miller reports that the teeth dreamed foretell inevitable troubles. Perhaps, they will be caused by communication with unpleasant and foolish people. If snovidets sees how at him teeth drop out, problems and series of alarms ahead approach. It is possible to forget about a white strip for a long time. The dream in which the stomatologist extracts teeth, foretells a long disease.

If to snovidets beat out teeth, then to be to a trouble: in reality unexpected problems in business or on the personal front approach. To dream clean and white teeth, understanding what is with them everything is all right, - a propitious omen. At last, the black strip will be replaced by white. To brush teeth in a dream – to fight for own interests.

Dentures can sometimes dream. If snovidets sees how to him insert a denture, in reality to it is spun to face heartrending experience: if the person in reality is able to overcome him – will come out the winner from this "fight". The dream in which the person considers own teeth is considered caution: enemies do not doze, in affairs it is necessary to be careful. To admire the white and equal teeth – a transparent dream: in reality the person is completely satisfied with any given achieved objectives. Decayed teeth speak about troubles, about the future problems with health caused by excessive tension. To spit out in a dream own teeth – to the serious illness threatening both to snovidets, and his close friends. Dreams about dental care are favorable. If snovidets cured the teeth, got rid of caries and a raid, in reality he will successfully escape from paws of a long disease. If such dream has continuation in the form of again developed caries or a dental plaque, in reality it is worth being careful of unreliable people who are eager to spoil fairly to snovidets reputation. Gustav Miller treats one more "tooth" dream. If snovidets saw that to him extracted tooth, but could not find this blank space in a gum, then in reality he should refuse some business planned a little earlier. If he does not make it – the vague and doubtful result will not keep itself waiting long.

Teeth in a dream. Dream book by Vanga

The Bulgarian prophet Vangeliya claims that healthy and white teeth – sign of approach of favorable times in life of snovidets. If teeth – black and rotten, in reality approach serious problems with health of snovidets. Perhaps, he works very hard, having absolutely forgotten about delights of own life and that it at it – one! If in a dream teeth – not far off a sad message about death any of relatives or acquaintances drop out. If loss of teeth is followed by blood, the death of the loved one is not excluded. To be in a dream toothless – to loneliness in old age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team