To what the dancing people dream

To what the dancing people dream

Usually dances in a dream is a good omen. Is considered, as well as to watch what to dance in a dream the dancing people – to pleasant changes in life. However psychologists say that dances in a dream are seen mainly by the people who are engaged in them in reality. In this case such dreams are empty.

The dancing people. Dream book by Miller

The dancing children in a dream are a harbinger of a happy marriage or successful marriage. Snovidtsa, watching in a dream the dancing children, can not worry for the family future: they will have a close-knit family, and marriage – happy. The dancing people foretell to snovidets interesting leisure and simple work. If the dancing pensioners dreamed – in affairs and business brilliant prospects approach.

Dream book by Freud: people dance in a dream

Siegmund Freud personifies this dream with sexual intercourse. Two dancing people foretell fast sex in life of snovidets. If the group dance (for example, lambada) shortly sleeping dreamed will become the participant of dissolute sexual games. To watch in a dream how someone very beautifully dances and to take from it great pleasure means incredible desire of snovidets to try something unlawful bypassing human morals and public norms.

If the couple dancing in a dream are same-sex, then in reality there can be a same-sex sex. Perhaps, snovidets dreams to try new feelings in the intimate sphere for a long time, but is afraid of public condemnation. It is curious that Siegmund Freud does not see in it anything bad. Moreover, he even pushes snovidets to embody all the unrealized sexual dreams and ideas in life!

Dances. Esoteric dream book

To watch in a dream the people dancing on the stage means a certain envy from snovidets. The fact is that it is surrounded by successful people to whom he terribly envies. If in time not to stop, then it is possible to go mad or fall into a deep depression psychologically. If dreamed that the dancing people do it in the apartment or in the house, family scandals, quarrels and squabbles approach.

Dream book Loffa: dances

Sometimes it is possible to see a dream as some people dance to order. If this dance was ordered by snovidets, then it speaks about the corresponding relation sleeping to those people whom he saw. If in dances elements of flirting are observed or the frank sexual line, then here two options of interpretation is traced: or snovidets passionately wishes one of dancing, or he just hates it.

Modern dream book: the dancing people

To married couples to see the dancing and having fun children – fortunately. Their children will constantly please parents, they will grow clever and obedient. Their house will be full of a cosiness and heat. If young people have such dream, then to live them cheerfully and carefree! The elderly people dancing in a dream foretell career development and success in affairs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team