To what the dead dreams

To what the dead dreams

It is accepted to be afraid of the dead who came in a dream. But quite often these images do not mean anything bad: it is only necessary to overcome fear and to consider a dream more attentively to learn its true sense.

Interpretation of dreams about the dead

In dream books various sense is given not only to circumstances in which dreams you deceased, but also to your relations with it. So, the died brother dreams fortunately, and the sister – to an uncertain situation in the near future.

To dream the died parents – a good omen. But separately these images practically are always meant by caution, prevention. Perhaps, before you there is some moral choice, and parents can prompt the right decision.

Dead friends who dream you as it is considered bear some messages, changes. The grandmother or the grandfather dream on the eve of the important ceremonies. It is considered that each word in lips of the dead makes sense, sometimes allegoric. Sometimes dead men come that you remembered them; sometimes – to wish you good health or to help to solve some life situation, playing it with you in other light, than you see in the afternoon. Sometimes – that you at last released them as if specially returning and "handing" you the right for further happiness. Really bad only those dreams in which the dead man leads you are interpreted, carries away, kisses, gives something. The sign is connected with the same interpretation not to respond thoughtlessly if you were called – it, perhaps, the dead man calls. It is considered that such dreams foretell a disease, danger. The believing people address to church after and order services about deceased, beg for forgiveness.

Psychological sense

In one psychology it agrees with dream books: the dreaming deceased – an image which the subconsciousness tries to tell us something. Sometimes the dead dream without everyone on that the reasons, and dreams are not remarkable – you should not look for the hidden meanings, remember that dreams are under construction of all our memoirs: perhaps, it is only slight melancholy for left, confirmation that you did not forget. Human memory is arranged so that to connect various objects with each other through associations, concepts, similarities. The plot noticed out of the corner of the eye about wildfires in news, can lead to a dream with the died firefighter who was close to you. But the dream will be a part of process of the solution of some absolutely other problem, not connected neither with the dead, nor with the fires. Deep emotional communications influence our personality therefore our close people who left this life remain with us forever. There is nothing surprising that our subconsciousness shows us people in whom ourselves are reflected. The burdensome feeling with which sometimes wake up after such dreams – is connected rather with judgment of a matter of life and death, but not with bad messages. However your sharp fear, bad presentiments and a situation in a dream together can indicate problems with health or the relations: the brain uses various methods to hint us at something really important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team