To what the quarrel with darling dreams

To what the quarrel with darling dreams

Some dream books treat a quarrel with darling as a negative dream. Their creators are sure that it is the sign of a fast fight in real life, a symbol of emergence of the next portion of dirty gossips, or in general emergence of any given troubles. The main thing in such dream, according to some dream books, to reconcile: it considerably softens that "sentence" that the destiny already took out. It is worth glancing also in other books of dreams.

To what does the quarrel with darling dream? General interpretation

Many dream books speak of such pictures antithetically: love dates approach. In particular, the Austrian psychologist Siegmund Freud does not exclude a possibility of a koitus in reality at the first date after such dream. Evgeny Tsvetkov treats a similar dream as loss something very important in life of snovidets. The Ukrainian dream book in general foretells serious troubles that, as a matter of fact, is not surprising.

According to modern dream book, the quarrel with favourite people dreams at the time of emergence in reality of some strong and friendly relations and also when receiving a high position in any given society. The French dream book too positively interprets a quarrel of two beloved: in the near future good news will come. Receiving valuable gifts is not excluded from hands of dear people. Unfortunately, female dream book speaks of similar dreams as the future misfortunes and grandiose scandals.

To what does the quarrel with darling dream? Book of dreams of Longo

If similar dreams are seen by young girls, then they should be protected: in reality the long period of constant troubles and failures approaches. The black strip as will come in itself, so independently and will leave. Girls need only to wait. Such dreams promise to married women family dissonance, disorders or even a divorce! Both in the first, and in the second cases all this will be preceded by a long intrigue.

What about it is told by psychologists?

Experts claim that any dream which had bright emotional coloring, certainly, bears in itself the certain information extremely important for his owner. Psychologists do not recommend to ignore such dreams, but also do not advise to follow the tastes of dream books! According to them, it is necessary to analyze sensibly a situation which in reality develops with darling. The fact is that to dream a quarrel is not a prophecy at all. It can mean reflection of the current relations between snovidets and his second half. Most likely, such relations just ceased suit the owner of a dream (perhaps, and both beloved) in reality. If, for example, the situation is already heated to the limit, problems of love character ripened for a long time, and "time bomb" will just about be detonated, then the human brain, of course, is in full combat readiness. The person thinks of love problems, worries, feels a certain discomfort and in the afternoon, and at night. It is not surprising at all that the current situation pours out in unpleasant dreams.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team