To young mothers for record: newborn's reflexes

To young mothers for record: newborn's reflexes

Right after birth of the child test on Apgar school – check existence of congenital reflexes, heart rate, a state and skin color, breath, a muscular tone. Such check allows to judge physical development of the child and his nervous system.

The indicator is lower than 6 points, means that the child is weak and demands a special care. The highest rate of 10 points – the child is healthy. 

In more detail mom can check all reflexes of the newborn. In the absence of any reflex, it is necessary to tell about it to the doctor at survey.

Babinsky's reflex is shown in the following: if to carry out on the outer edge of a foot, toes rastopyrivatsya.

Babkin's reflex is checked by pressing for the child's palm. In this case it turns the head and opens a mouth.

The grasping reflex is expressed that the child strong squeezes the finger put to it in hands.

Moro's reflex works when the child is frightened: at a sharp loud sound it scatters in sides of a hand and leg.

 The search reflex is important for the child. If to stroke a cheek of the kid, then he turns the head towards the stroked cheek (this reflex can be used for the help to the newborn to find a breast). Right after it the sosatelny reflex joins – the child finds a breast and takes a mouth of pacifiers, sucks actively, but with small respites.

The swimming reflex appears when the newborn lies on a tummy, does swimming movements by hands and legs.

The reflex of walking is shown if slightly to put the child on legs and to incline a little forward – the kid moves legs as if goes.

The tonic cervical reflex is expressed in the following if the head is turned to the right, the right hand and a leg are straightened, then the left hand is compressed, as well as the left leg.

The reflex of an otdergivaniye occurs when stroking and tickling an upper body, at the same time at the kid legs since it is protective reaction are drawn aside.

Thanks to congenital reflexes the baby is adapted for the beginning of life. Over time by the end of the first year of life almost all reflexes die away. It means that the kid correctly develops – to replace the simplest reflexes, the considered actions come.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team