Toxicosis as to struggle with it

Toxicosis as to struggle with it

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Physiological reorganization of an organism at pregnancy is regulated hormonal and the central nervous system. Because of incorrect work of these systems, the organism cannot adapt to a new state at once at the beginning and reacts appearance of nausea, increased fatigue, dizziness. Toxicosis is early, arising on 5–6 week of pregnancy, and late – after the 20th week.

If it is possible to reduce symptoms of early toxicosis and even completely to eliminate in house conditions, then late toxicosis is dangerous. At late toxicosis pronounced symptoms of pathology are observed: hypostases of legs, hands, persons, a fast set of body weight, the increased blood pressure. In these cases the urgent medical intervention and a hospital are necessary.

Early toxicosis

To be or not to be to toxicosis depends first of all on the state of health of the woman. Chronic diseases, the increased nervous excitability, intoxications, nicotine and alcohol addiction, a metabolic disorder are only an approximate list of the factors provoking developing of toxicosis.

Manifestation of symptoms of toxicosis can happen on the first weeks from the moment of conception. It is early toxicosis which main indicators are nausea and vomiting. Depending on the frequency of emetic desires allocate three degrees of early toxicosis – easy, average and heavy. At vomiting up to 4–5 times a day the easy degree, up to 10 times - average is defined, at 25 and more – heavy. Average and heavy degrees of toxicosis are dangerous both to future mom, and to the child. In this case it is required to ask for the help the expert. Early toxicosis sometimes is followed by plentiful salivation which can become the cause of dehydration of an organism. In this case a lot of liquid is necessary: it is necessary to drink often, but in the small portions. For reduction of salivation the rinsings by infusions of a camomile, a sage and oak bark having the knitting effect on mucous a mouth will help. If biochemical analyses of the pregnant woman within norm, but nausea, vomiting, disgust for food remain, it is necessary to provide, first of all, psychological comfort, normal rest, a dream. There are medical medicines appointed by the doctor for reduction of vomiting. Insomnia, the increased irritability is also symptoms of toxicosis which can be eliminated by means of soothing medicines of soft influence. Without the recommendations of the doctor it is possible to drink tincture of a valerian and motherwort.

It is important to remember that intake of any medicines, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy, can make an adverse effect on a fruit. Therefore any amateur performance, follow strictly advice of the attending physician.

And here it is possible to help the organism in the harmless ways to get rid of the exhausting nausea. It is important to observe some restrictions only.

Food and physical activities at early toxicosis

The main principle of treatment - do not do much harm. And at the pregnant woman the task is even more important - not to do much harm not only itself, but also future kid. The special and simple diet will help with it. Food has to be repeated, every 2-3 hour, and not plentiful. Have to enter the menu: boiled meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit, fish. You should not eat fried, spicy food. It is not recommended to have carbonated drinks and coffee, replace them with green tea and svezheotzhaty juice. The calming impact is made by tea from a camomile, a melissa and mints. At severe nausea prepare pumpkin infusion: fill in several small pieces of pumpkin with boiled water and insist about an hour. Traditional medicine offers many natural recipes on herbs from toxicosis. But herbs thanks to such connections as glucosides and alkaloids, can be not so harmless, apparently, and do serious harm to health. If any food causes vomiting, it is possible to try a dry diet. Any soup, sauces, tea sandwiches. Rather hard-boiled boiled egg, croutons, cookies, cheese. It is better to use vegetables and fruit separately from the main food.

Try not to do after a meal of sharp movements and if the head began to spin – lie down and deeply breathe.

In the morning, without getting up, have a bite crouton, eat dried apricots, nuts, a small piece of hard cheese. Chewing of dry tea tea leaves or a piece of a lemon helps to liquidate a nausea attack sometimes. Physical activities during this period have to be minimum, but it does not exclude obligatory daily walks in the fresh air. Be not wrapped up, overheating promotes appearance of nausea. You watch a condition of intestines. Its regular clarification brings toxins out of an organism. Use fermented milk products, and cook live yogurt, curdled milk even better. For the night eat a piece of boiled beet. Listen to quiet and melodious music. You see beautiful things. Be happy with the future kid. Your psychological spirit makes direct impact on a physical state. The last researches in the field of a tsvetoterapiya showed that the combination of blue and violet colors provokes nausea. Even if this your favourite combination, exclude it temporarily from the environment.

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