Toxicosis at pregnancy. Types, signs and reasons

Toxicosis at pregnancy. Types, signs and reasons

Though toxicosis at pregnancy is also considered natural state, but pleasant in it it is not enough. It is desirable for pregnant women to know more about this state. Many women think that toxicosis is just vomiting, but do not know what can be considered as norm and that is beyond; what types of toxicosis happen, characteristic symptoms and the causes of this illness.

Types and symptoms of toxicosis at pregnancy

Some experts call toxicosis "an adaptation disease", it results from reorganization of an organism at future mom.

It is possible to divide toxicosis into 2 views: early and late. And if toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy — quite widespread phenomenon, then toxicosis on late term occurs only in 20% of pregnant women.

Early toxicosis is followed by nausea, especially since morning or after a meal. The organism very sharply perceives various smells. Also nausea can be followed by vomiting, the increased salivation. In certain cases asthma of pregnant women can become symptom of toxicosis. It is followed by a severe cough and feeling of a suffocation.

Late toxicosis is considered more dangerous, than early. Doctors call toxicosis in the late stages of pregnancy a gestosis. It is dangerous that it in certain cases can cause a fruit hypoxia, an otsloyka of a placenta and death of a fruit. Besides weakness in all organism and nausea, symptoms of a gestosis can be the elevated pressure, hypostasis of legs, spasms in muscles, dizzinesses up to loss of consciousness and headaches.

The causes of toxicosis on early terms

If toxicosis on early terms is not shown brightly, then it is considered the normal state of the pregnant woman. The reasons of its emergence are still studied by experts. But it is possible to refer genetic predisposition, hormonal reorganization in an organism to the most probable, acceleration of a metabolism and neurogenetic reactions.

Late toxicosis. Causes

At a gestosis the increase in body weight at the expense of hypostases is observed. Hypostases can arise both visible, and hidden. Therefore having only felt change of a state, it is necessary to notify on it the doctor conducting pregnancy.

Causes of late toxicosis:

  • diseases of infectious character;
  • diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of a secretory system;
  • violation of the recommended diet for pregnant women;
  • pregnancy at early age;
  • pregnancy at late age;
  • a short period of time between pregnancies;
  • overfatigue of an organism, sleep debt and lack of rest.

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