Toxicosis: what will help from nausea

Toxicosis: what will help from nausea

News about long-awaited pregnancy is often saddened by appearance of toxicosis. This state is characteristic of the first trimester. It is possible to cope from signs of an autootravleniye in the available ways.

Causes of toxicosis

What leads to appearance of nausea and unpleasant feelings? First of all, process of fertilization of an ovum leads to change of a hormonal background as the organism reconstructs to a new state. Also the cause of nausea at toxicosis can become: - diseases of endocrine and nervous system;

- inflammatory processes of genitals;

- improper feeding; - emotional condition of the pregnant woman.

Pungent smells, lack of a dream, frequent overfatigue of an organism, decrease in immune protection at catarrhal diseases have negative effect on intensity of toxicosis, etc.

Nausea medicines at toxicosis

Toxicosis is not a disease, but after all demands treatment as it disturbs the quiet course of pregnancy. Surely report about existence of symptoms to the observing gynecologist to pick up an optimum method. At frequent vomiting there is organism dehydration that has negative effect on development and growth of the child. Besides, also the woman loses useful substances therefore there are various violations. First of all, it is necessary to reconsider a food allowance. In it fresh vegetables and fruit, the vitaminized dishes have to prevail. For reduction of risk of appearance of vomiting it is recommended to eat food in the small portions through a short period. As a rule, nausea develops next the heart. There is no 100% way of fight against nausea during pregnancy. In each case the complex of actions which promote simplification or total disappearance of symptoms is selected. The main councils at toxicosis: - you spend in the fresh air more time; - rationally distribute operating time and rest; - before going to bed air the room; - in the morning directly in a bed eat apple or yogurt; - do not do sharp movements in the morning; - avoid pungent smells; - refuse smoking. For fast removal of an attack of nausea it is recommended to accept grass broths which favorably influence nervous system, envelop mucous a stomach, enrich an organism with useful substances. For example, make 2 tsps of a calendula, 2 tsps of mint, 2 tsps of a yarrow, 1 tsp of a valerian 2 glasses of boiled water then give to means to infuse within half an hour. Accept broth on 50 ml of 5-6 times a day. From nausea and vomiting it is possible to cope tea with addition of ginger. It is enough to drink a drink cup since morning to get rid of unpleasant feelings. Mint tea which in addition saves from hypostases and improves work of bodies of digestive system possesses similar action.

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