Toys from the salty test

Toys from the salty test

It is possible to make the mass of hand-made articles together with children of the salty test. Unlike plasticine, such material will be suitable for kids of any age. Even if the child will pull dough in a mouth, nothing happens.

It is possible to be engaged with the child in production of such hand-made articles at home – all ingredients are available and cheap manage. It is especially pleasant to do New Year's toys of the salty test. They can be made how many there is a wish and as there is a wish. Even the most small children feel that they together with all worked for a holiday if the toys made by them hang on a fir-tree.

For the test take 2 glasses of simple wheat flour, a glass of salt, 250 g of water. Well mix everything. Degree of readiness of the test is defined at a batch – if it crumbles, add water if lasts, sticks to hands, a podsypta flour. Roll a ball from the test – if it well holds a form, everything is ready. It is possible to add a little vegetable oil – then ready weight will not stick to hands.

Hand-made articles from the salty test for a fir-tree

To make Christmas decorations of the salty test, it is possible to use molds for cookies. Even kids with their help perfectly cope with cutting figures from the rolled test. It is possible to dry up and leave such figures how to eat or decorate.

Try to take a tubule for cocktail and with its help to make in the cut-out flat figure it is a lot of small openings. Openwork products turn out. It is possible to decorate also with beads, spangles, it is only necessary to consider what in an oven of a toy cannot be dried, otherwise jewelry can melt. Except beads, it is possible to use for decoration of products of a shell, grain, a button, nuts, coffee seeds and so on.

There are remarkable toys lacings for development of fine motor skills in the child. Try at a figure to make of the salty test at the edges of an opening, having them in a certain order. Dry up a product. Suggest the child to pass bright ribbons or thick yarn throughout these openings. At you the excellent toy lacing will turn out.

To children is more senior it is possible to suggest to ornament a toy permanent markers or to paste over with pictures in the equipment decoupage. 

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