Training of the child in early reading in a technique Zaytsev

Training of the child in early reading in a technique Zaytsev

Today various techniques of early development of kids are offered attention of parents. Those to whom innovations in this sphere are interesting for certain have heard a lot about a method of Nikolay Zaytsev which allows to train the child at early age not only in reading and mathematics, but also some other sciences.

"We study in a game" is a method of Nikolay Zaytsev for classes with small children, since 1.5 years. Studying this technique, there is no need to master the alphabet or some separate letters. Psychologists revealed that even those children who badly speak and do not perceive a letter, began to spell in 1.5-2 months. Thanks to efficiency of such training many preschool institutions passed to this technique.

When Nikolay Zaytsev gave with children classes a long time, he came to a conclusion that traditional studying the alphabet for children not only is not always clear, but also is very harmful. Many parents and teachers, of course, will not agree, motivating it with the fact that "we learned why our children will not be able?"

The fact is that before children taught letters 2 years, but not all children could read fluently to the third class. At first children are taught that there is letter "A", and under it the picture "Stork", and so all letters. At the child in subconsciousness the picture with a letter develop in a single whole. Therefore he badly understands how to combine several pictures that the word turned out. At Zaytsev it is necessary to learn not letters, words, sounds, but syllables which consist of a vowel and a consonant.

At first Zaytsev experimented on cards, then thought up cubes. Why them? Because for the most small children the perception of knowledge goes through a game. With them it is possible just to build a lodge and to say what it is syllables, and the child, even without knowing any letter, at the subconscious level remembers heard, and begins to read them in couple of days. Only it is necessary to learn in an unostentatious form, and only when the kid has a good mood and there is desire to learn something new.

Cubes in set 52, from them it is possible to put practically all words familiar to the kid. Cubes of the different size enter set. Small cubes are soft warehouses. There are big cubes with firm warehouses. Also they can be distinguished in the flowers and on material. There is in set one white cube which is responsible for punctuation marks.

Letters on cubes also have different colors in order that the child distinguished them quicker. Such cubes cost expensive, but if mom works, having still been in the family way, then will be able to make such beauty also. Nikolay Zaytsev claims that if with the child at least 2 times a day to be engaged 15-20 minutes, it is possible to achieve big results, and at 3-year age the kid will already fluently read.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team