Treatment of fungal damage of nails at children

Treatment of fungal damage of nails at children

At detection of a fungus of nails at children it is necessary to remember that only the qualified specialist can appoint treatment. The disease detected at an early stage gives in to therapy much better.

There is a large number of types of fungal diseases, to define what at the kid, only the dermatologist by carrying out scrape or crops can. Only after this procedure the expert will be able to appoint effective treatment. Often it consists in use of special ointments or creams, medicines for internal use are in certain cases appointed.

The means which do not have contraindications in the form of children's age are: Pimafutsin, Candide, Kanesten, Kanizon, Kandizol or Kandiderm. It is recommended to apply them only after appointment as the expert.

The fungus on nails at children can appear even at the earliest age. A disease it not such harmless as parents sometimes consider. Presence of a fungal disease at the child can provoke developing of an allergy, and it along with the fact that the immune system will begin to work for the kid strongly. Very often the fungus on nails leads to stratification of a nail plate and subsequently to its falling off. At infection on feet bubbles, erosion, and in certain cases even ulcers can be observed. The fungus at first on nails, then between fingers extends, and after gradually it begins to be visualized also on all foot. The affected skin begins to itch strongly, to redden and to crack gradually. The child feels burning sensation in legs and severe pains when walking.

The modern medicine for elimination of a fungus offers tablets, ointments, special plasters and also various varnishes. The course of treatment, as a rule, lasts from 2 to 4 months. To prevent infection with a fungus of other family members, it is necessary to carry out carefully disinfection of toys of the sick child, ware, the bathroom, clothes and also bed linen. The fungus is afraid of high temperatures. Therefore it is necessary for a thing without fail it is necessary to iron the iron (especially socks). Traditional treatment can be combined with various folk remedies.

The fungus standing can be also manifestation of more serious disease which is available in an organism. For example, avitaminosis, diseases of vessels of legs, diabetes, metabolic disorder, flat-footedness and also immunodeficiency.

Independently it is not capable to pass a fungus on nails at the child therefore without fail it is necessary to be engaged in his treatment. Special attention at the same time should be paid to presence of such problem at small children and pregnant women who can accept the medicines sometimes not compatible to medicines for treatment of a fungus. In such cases it is possible to try to apply folk remedies. One of the most effective national methods of treatment of a fungus of nails at children is use of broth of Veronika. For preparation of broth take two stalks of a plant, fill in them with one liter of water and you boil within 5-7 minutes. Then cool broth a little and ask the child to ship in it legs for 20 minutes. In this way you carry out treatment every day within two weeks. If there is no opportunity to buy Veronika's plant, it is possible to use an euphorbia grass. It it is also necessary to make and soar leg broth. In addition, effectively influence the solution of this problem of a bath with addition of sea salt. Add one teaspoon of sea salt on one liter of water. It is necessary to rinse with this solution legs daily before going to bed. Repeat procedures within two weeks. It is also possible to use ordinary vegetable oil. Grease with it serially nail plates, then and feet of legs of the child. Massage by oil positively influences not only destruction of a fungus, but also bodies which acupuncture points are located on feet.

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